Bus Safety

bus safety in Peru

There have been road accidents in the past in Peru (as in most countries worldwide) that have occurred due to speeding drivers or drivers falling asleep at the wheel for example. Our philosophy here is very simple: who cares if the journey takes 1 hour longer if it means we all arrive safely.

Did you know?

Peru Hop includes many free stops and tours in most of its passes, including the incredible slave tunnels in Chincha… an exclusive stop for Peru Hop passengers.
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Peru Hop Bus Safety Practices:

  • Large team of drivers: Our drivers are not overworked/tired as is often the case on other buses.
  • Tour guide always on board: Our tour guide does regular checks on the drivers.
  • Seatbelts: We have a seatbelt for every passenger and ask our passengers to wear them at all times.
  • 24 hour GPS monitoring: Every bus is monitored from a secure point via GPS…we always know where the bus is and if it is taking any unscheduled stops.
  • Costant contact: The drivers and the guide communicate continuously by telephone with the Peru Hop office.
  • No tight deadlines: Our drivers are under NO pressure to arrive at a certain time, no need for increased speed or unnecessary risks.

No Tight Deadlines

One very important factor which separates Peru Hop from normal bus travel in Peru is that we are not confined to tight deadlines or need to be in certain places at certain times. For example, a normal bus running from Lima to Ica will be full of 50 people. The bus company has told them all the journey will take 4 hours, so they make their plans based around this. If this bus takes longer, there would be complaints as people may have missed meetings/had to cancel plans, or missed a connecting bus. Therefore the drivers of these buses are under pressure to take no longer than 4 hours and may take unnecessary risks if they are running late, such as driving faster or overtaking in dangerous places. At Peru Hop, we don´t have such pressures. Our philosophy is simple: who cares if the journey takes 1 hour longer if it means we all arrive safely. Our drivers will not be rewarded for meeting tight time deadlines, but instead will be rewarded based on safe driving and reviews from our passengers (whether you felt safe at all times etc). This encourages our drivers to drive more carefully and avoid taking stupid risks that may lead to an accident.

No Strangers on The Bus

As well as the above, it is worth noting that Peru, like most countries throughout the world, has its fair share of bad people, people who are not afraid to steal from others. Because tourists are seen as wealthy people with credit cards, laptops etc. they are attractive targets. This makes travelling on local buses a little dangerous and intimidating at times. With Peru Hop, you are amongst friends on the bus (there is no such thing as a stranger on our bus!) with a guide always taking care of you. Monitored by our GPS, no unscheduled stops will be taken without our consent and regard for your safety, and all your bags and personal belongings will be safe on the bus at all times.

You can be assured that at all times we will do everything in our interests to ensure you have the most amount of fun whilst always feeling safe and secure.

Quick Tip: If traveling to or from Lima Airport, it is strongly recommended to use the luxury Airport Express Lima bus to get to or from your hotel. Safer and cheaper than a taxi with no baggage limit as well as free Wi-Fi and USB chargers onboard, it is ideal for travelers.
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