How do I book hotels/hostels for my trip?

There are three ways to book a hostel or hotel for your trip with Peru Hop:  

• Book directly with the hotel or hostel (min. 48 hours beforehand to give them time to answer)

Check our discounts page for Peru Hop discounts.


• Book on the bus with your on-board guide (Predominantly dorm rooms – privates may be possible if available)

Check our discounts page for Peru Hop discounts. Please note that dorms are subject to availability. We will always make sure to find a place for you to stay but it might not be the hostel or hotel of your preference.


• Book through third party agents

These discounts CANNOT be applied if you book through other third party agents such as hostelworld or hostelbookers. Reservations MUST be done direct to the hostel contacts below or via us.

NOTE: All of our various short tours and Day Trips from Lima, Cusco, and La Paz include accommodation. If you’re taking part in one of these day trips, you will not have to book anything yourself, just sit back, relax and enjoy!