How many nights do you recommend at each stop?

We usually recommend:

  • Paracas: 1 night
  • Nazca: nights – We stop at the Nazca Viewing tower en route which allows you to see some of the Nazca Lines, however, if you wish to take the flight, depending on which direction you are traveling, it may be required to hop off for the night in Nazca as flights operate only in the mornings.
  • Arequipa: 2 nights – Gives you the chance to visit the Colca Canyon
  • Puno: 0 nights – Depending if you want to do a homestay tour or not.
  • Cusco: 4-5 Days – This is enough time to visit Machu Picchu, other sights around Cusco and the centre. If you’re planning a 4 day trek to Machu Picchu, maybe spend some more time in Cusco.

Remember that we are incredibly flexible. All tickets are valid for one year in one direction, so you can take as long as you want at each stop or move faster if you wish. Simply check our timetables to see how quickly you can do everything.

For those short on time, we recommend the Get to Lima Quick or Get to Cusco Quick passes or to choose one of our short trips from Lima, Cusco or La Paz. There is also the option to take the 6 AM bus departing Paracas, which allows you to skip the night in Paracas and continue to Huacachina the same day.

*All tours mentioned are optional.