We have almost 50 bus passes that cover both Peru and Bolivia, offering different options depending on where you want to start your trip and how much time you have. Each pass then has its own specific timetable so that´s a lot of timetables!

To make things easier, we recommend the following:

  1. FIND YOUR IDEAL PASS: Use our search function on our passes page to find the best pass for you.
  2. PLAN YOUR ITINERARY: With each pass (click DETAILS on any pass) we have an itinerary planner...enter your departure date and see the recommended itinerary for you.
  3. CREATE YOUR OWN PLAN: Use the timetable tab within each pass to see the specific timetable for that pass
  4. If for some reason you just want to see all of our timetables for all of our passes, scroll down and choose the best one for you. But again, we do recommend using our passes page to help you navigate all your options better