Peru Entry/Travel Updates

Last update: Oct 28th, 2022

There are no more entry requirements for Peru!

  • NO quarantine or testing on arrival to Peru is required.
  • NO proof of vaccination is required.
  • Use of face masks indoors and outdoors is optional.

Bus travel within Peru

  • NO restrictions or requirements.

Peru Hop news

  • Peru Hop extra-flexible travel which allows free date changes up to December 2024.

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many travelers have had to cancel their trips to Peru and around the world. Although these are difficult times, we know that the travel spirit in many of you remains intact. For that same reason, we have examined and improved our safety protocols throughout our whole service and modified our flexible booking all the way to 2024 to give you a worry-free trip for the years to come.

As travelers ourselves, we understand the frustrations and worries this new life brings so here are the steps we’ve implemented for the new way of traveling!

Our protocols: travel safely and calmly!

The health and safety of all of our passengers is, and has always been, our top priority. Due to the current situation, we’ve examined our protocols, journeys and service to make sure that we exceed the safety expectations of everyone who travels with us. We sought guidance from the World Health Organization and government agencies, and, because of years of experience, we’ve been able to help define protocols for travel in Peru.

You won’t find a team in Peru more dedicated to ensuring your health and safety during your whole trip, not even on other bus companies and airlines. We’re happy to say that we have always had top-rated customer service and it’s why thousands of passengers trust us every single year!

During your trip

Up-to-date news

We’ll always be up-to-date with national news and updates to always provide you with the most current information at all times! Our onboard guide will always be there to assist you.

Sanatized buses

All buses will be sanatized prior to each departure. Our onboard staff will have the necessary equipment to safely desinfect and clean the inside and outside of the buses.

Trained on-board guide and driver

Our staff has been trained on all safety measures implemented. They will be wearing masks throughout the whole trip and the driver’s cabin will be separated from the rest of the passengers.

We Want You To Travel Calmly

Free date changes up to 2024!

We know that at these uncertain times changes can come out of nowhere. Therefore, any bookings made will have the right to change the date of their ticket until the end of 2024, at NO cost. This gives you more time to make decisions for your future trip, as well as the incredible security to know that if for some reason you do need to re-arrange your trip, we are here to help!

As we have reduced seating on our buses, we do expect buses to fill up, so advance booking is recommended. Remember you can always change the start date of your trip at a later stage.

Don’t miss out on the beauty of Peru

All the amazing destinations and hidden gems are still here waiting for all of you. Attractions in Peru have become even more beautiful than ever before due to the rest from the usual amount of visitors. Start putting together the perfect itinerary and start your packing list with the essentials for your perfect trip to discover Peru!

Check out our passes to find the perfect option for you!

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