Ruta del Sillar Tour: 2024 Updated information about the Ruta del Sillar Tour in Arequipa from itineraries, prices, FAQs and more!

Ruta del Sillar brief summary:

Discover the UNESCO World Heritage of Humanity site that transports you back to the origins of the beautiful Arequipa.

  • Witness the ancestral process of extraction of blocks and the man-made carving of the ashlar in real time.
  • Discover the quarries and the Sillar on a 4-hour jam-packed tour.
  • Build your own apacheta (stone pyramid)!

Below we have created our extensive guide on Ruta del Sillar in Arequipa based on our expert local knowledge, having helped transport over 315,000 travelers here since our formation in 2013.

Ruta del Sillar guide contents:

  1. Detailed Tour Information & What’s Included – Breakdown of the Ruta del Sillar Tour.
  2. How to get to the Ruta del Sillar – Transport information.
  3. What to bring and wear for the Ruta del Sillar Tour? – Be prepared for your tour.
  4. Ruta del Sillar Tour FAQs – We answer your frequently asked questions.
  5. Did you know? – Things to know about Ruta del Sillar.

Ready to witness a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Arequipa? Book a Ruta del Sillar Tour now!

Detailed Tour Information & What's Included

Peru Hop does not operate any Ruta del Sillar tour. To see Peru Hop’s recommended operators for this tour read below.

Ruta del Sillar Tour

Price: $14 USD

Times: 09:00 am or 2:15 pm

Duration: 4 hours

Meeting point: Pick-up from hotels and hostels in central Arequipa

Special deal for Peru Hop Passengers: Tours booked via Find Local Trips allow date changes up until the evening before your tour begins at no extra cost.

Minimum age: 8 years old – must have parents permission


08:30 am / 2:00 pm

Pick-ups from hotels and hostels in central Arequipa.

09:00 am / 2:15 pm

The tour begins from the historic center towards Canteras. On the way, we will learn about the constructions made from the volcanic rock: Sillar. provided by our professional guide.

10:10 am / 3:10 pm
This will be the first stop – the Zamacola viewpoint. Here you’ll be able to see a different-angled view and get 360º panoramic photos of 3 volcanoes that surround the city such as Mist, Chachani, and Pichu Pichu.

10:30 am / 3:30 pm

From here the journey continues to the quarries – the place where the white city originated. You will enter the quarries where you’ll observe the immense man-made stones.

After that, you’ll have a unique experience observing ashlar extraction that still uses an ancestral technique that is still preserved.

Continuing with the tour, you will board the private transport to visit the Cantera Vírgen de Culebrillas. Inside, you will feel a mysterious and unique environment where you can see the presence of petroglyphs that will transfer you to the life and beliefs of the ancient culture. Then you will see and learn about the apachetas (stone pyramids), and will be able to recreate your own one!

After walking through the sacred site, you will board the bus to return to the city center.

1:00 pm / 06:20 pm

Arrive back to Arequipa.


  • Ruta del Sillar entry ticket
  • Professional bilingual pilot-guide (Engish & Spanish)
  • Private transport
  • Hats/umbrellas

Not included:

  • Water
  • Souvenirs

Ready to witness a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Arequipa?

Book a Ruta del Sillar Tour now!

How to get to the Ruta del Sillar

The Ruta del Sillar is located in Canteras in Arequipa, Peru. To access the site you will have to start a tour in Arequipa,

You have 3 options to get to Arequipa:

  • Flight to Rodríguez Ballón International Airport
  • Public bus
  • Peru Hop bus

The quickest way to reach Arequipa is by plane but this means you will miss seeing everything along the way. The airport does not receive international flights so this option is only available to those already in Peru. Upon arrival, take a taxi for a 30-minute ride to Plaza de Armas where most hotels and hostels are located.

Public buses from Lima take roughly 17 hours to reach Arequipa with no stops. Although you can find some comfortable buses, usually being the most expensive ones, it is a long journey and you will miss all of the things to see along the way.

Peru Hop has buses to Arequipa, as well. The bus passes include stops where you can choose to hop off along the way to Arequipa. Our stops from Lima to Arequipa include Paracas, Huacachina and Nazca. If you take a Peru Hop bus From Cusco to Arequipa you can choose to stop and hop off in Puno.

What to bring and wear to the Ruta del Sillar Tour?

  • Light clothes
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Hat
  • Water
  • Cash (there is no option to pay by card)

Ruta del Sillar FAQs

At the end of the tour, is it possible to take me back to my accommodation?

No, the endpoint of the tour is one block from the main square. It’s a strategic point to go to different places around the downtown.

Does the place of the visit have toilets?

Yes, toilets are available.

Can I buy souvenirs at the place of the visit?

Yes! On the second point of the tour, there are small shops that offer specific souvenirs – prices start from 5 soles.

How is the weather?

In the morning the weather tends to be sunny.

Can I combine the tour with a tour to the Colca Canyon?

Unfortunately no, you will need to depart on separate days.

Did you know?

  • The tour gives you the opportunity to see 3 volcanoes from another angle that surrounds the city of Arequipa such as Misti, Chachani, and Picchu Picchu!
  • You can do the tour on the day you arrive at Arequipa and even combine it with a rafting tour in the afternoon.