A brief summary of our passengers

Unlike in other countries where the hop on hop off concept is mainly associated with young backpackers, Peru Hop is unique in that we have an amazing mix of people of all ages from around the world.

315,000+ passengers

85+ different nationalities

65% female / 35% male

30 years olds: average age

#1 rated travel company in Peru!

Overall 96% rating with over 8,000 reviews!

The best trip for everyone

The whole concept of Peru Hop is to discover the real Peru, in a safe and flexible way, no matter your traveling style, age, or who you’re traveling with! To find out more about the people that travel with us, CLICK on any of the following quick links to be sent to that section or simply scroll to see the whole page.

Solo travelers

Traveling alone is one of those things many do when given the chance. The only downside experienced at times is the feeling of loneliness during their travel. Luckily, one one of our mottos is that no one ever travels alone.

We welcome many solo travelers since the safety that we provide is second to none. We offer GPS tracking of buses, direct hostel/hotel pickup, and onboard English-speaking guides to help answer any questions or concerns that you might have.

Our buses are also a great place to meet other like-minded travelers. On numerous occasions, people have met long-life friends, and sometimes even partners! And not to mention that YOU decide where to go, how long to stay and what to do at each destination.

Here are a few reviews left behind by solo travelers:

"Best way to meet people as a solo traveler in Peru"

I had so much fun with Ricardo, Nicole, and Debora. They really know how to...


"Amazing Experience!"

It is a very simple service to use, the guides are amazing and it's a great way to meet people if you are travelling solo...


"Unforgettable trip"

When first booking a trip to South America I was trying to figure out the best way to get around. f you want an easy, safe, and...



Traveling with Peru Hop has proven to be perfect for couples! It makes traveling around Peru easy, which will allow you to share incredible memories with your loved one.

We also provide exclusive discounts on private rooms on hotels/hostels, as well as taking away all the stress from organizing your travel, it's no wonder why so any couples travel with Peru Hop.

Finally, apart from meeting people from all over the world on our buses, you will be surprised to know that over 30% of our passengers are couples, making it easy to meet other happy couples along the way to share the memories with. Read some over there reviews below:

"Great Way to Travel Peru"

My partner and I only had two weeks to travel in Peru, but Peru Hop made it possible and our experience exceptional.


"Great way to see Peru!"

We were 3 couples travelling from Lima to Cusco. It was our first time in Peru and Peru Hop...


"Great way to see Peru"

My girlfriend and I took Peruhop’s “Get to Cusco Quick” route from Lima. Lisa Marie took us from our Lima hostel and did a....



Trying to plan a backpacking trip around Peru can be challenging. You need to research the best destinations and the safest routes while trying to save some money and leaving yourself the freedom and flexibility to explore each place. That’s why Peru Hop provides the best of all worlds for backpackers!

We offer the flexibility to travel at your own pace, while providing exclusive stops along the way, discounts and deals on accommodation, tours and much more! All this, while you meet others on your trip.

Don’t believe us? Here are some reviews from backpackers which we took from TripAdvisor to highlight what other backpackers have said about their time on Peru Hop.

"Brilliant and fun!"

Peruhop made my trip from Lima to Cusco so enjoyable and I loved every minute of it!


"Best trip ever!"

Me and my friends had an amazing time from Arequipa to Lima with Peru Hop. Peru Hop replies quickly to your emails when...


"We were satisfied with Peru Hop"

We decided to book with them as they offer transport to Cusco via Arequipa, which is the safest route...


Solo Female Travelers

Solo female travelers are highly frequent on Peru Hop! Going back to the first point, they meet many people on the bus, traveling just like them or doing the same things as them. We provide a safe and fun way to get around Peru, and always there to help and provide tips on safety, where to go and more! Here are some reviews written by some our previous female solo travellers:

Enhanced Travel!

My trip to Paracas, Islas Bellestas, Reserva Nacional, and Chinca was fantastic--well-organized, informative, safe, fun, and just amazing!


Absolutely amazing experience traveling from Lima to Cusco.

I had an absolutely amazing experience traveling from Lima to Cusco with stops along the way...



As a solo female traveller I really liked the safety point, being dropped off and picked up from all my hostels...


Family Travel

Organizing a trip is never easy, especially when its for more than one person, including young kids. Having to plan food, clothing, transport around cities, tours and more is stressful and can take some of the fun away from the trip. Luckily, we've got you covered and are glad to help! You can get around Peru and see all the best destinations with just one ticket when you travel with Peru Hop.

One of the things that families love most about our service is our strong emphasis on safety, with features like GPS bus tracking and direct hotel pick-up. Every bus also has an onboard English-speaking guide who is there to assist with any questions that you might have, as well as to provide recommendations for restaurants, hotels, and activities in each destination.

Here are some reviews from families about their time on Peru Hop:

"Super easy way to travel!"

Choosing Peru hop took a lot of work off of us for planning our transportation. Peru hop is very easy to use. Super friendly staff!


"Peru hop with mature family"

My sister and I took peru hop with our parents to Cusco from Lima. It was convenient and easy...


"Peru Hop was efficient from start to finish"

We were so happy we booked the Peru Hop service as it took away all the simple hassles of going back and forth to bus terminals...


Older Travelers

We have had travellers as old as 70 and 80 years old who have loved Peru Hop because there is no other bus or tour in the country that provides the level of cultural knowledge that we do at each destination.

Loved it!

My wife and I were quite skeptical when we booked our journey/adventure...


"Do it! So worth it"

Probably the easiest and most convenient way of traveling and discovering south of Peru. Safe, flexible...


Highly recommend! Lima to La Paz.

My husband and I did the Peru Hop from Lima all the way to La Paz. We cannot express...

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