Sandboarding Peru Huacachina: 2024 Updated information regarding how to get to Huacachina, the best sandboards, prices, and FAQs!

Important note: Peru Hop includes an exclusive extended 2 HOUR buggy tour - all other companies operate just a 1 hour tour!

Buggy and Sandboarding Brief Summary:

  • Huacachina, the only desert oasis in South America, is also the hotspot for buggy and sandboarding in Peru!
  • Huacachina is home to the largest sand dunes in South America, perfect for sandboarding!
  • Sandboarding can be done lying down on your stomach face first (recommended for your safety).
  • You can enjoy a sandboarding and dunebuggy adventure on a Day Trip from Lima with Peru Hop or stop off on your way from Lima to Cusco or Cusco to Lima.

Quick Tip: The best way to get to Huacachina while seeing some of Peru’s hidden gems is by traveling with Peru Hop.

Below we have created our extensive guide to Buggy and Sandboarding in Peru based on our expert local knowledge having helped to transport over 250,000 travellers here since our formation in 2013.

Buggy and Sandboarding Guide Contents:

  1. How to get to Huacachina – Compare transportation options.
  2. Buggy/Sandboarding Tour Information – Check time, prices, and more.
  3. Did you know? – Huacachina Buggy and Sandboarding fun facts.
  4. What to bring to the Buggy/Sandboarding Tours? – Be prepared.
  5. Buggy/Sandboarding FAQs – We answer all your questions.
  6. Photo Gallery – A few of the best photos of the Buggy/Sandboarding.

Ready to experience a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the Huacachina Oasis? Book a Buggy/Sandboard Tour now!

How to get to Huacachina

Desert oasis of Huacachina in Ica, Peru

Huacachina is home to the best Buggy and Sandboarding in Peru. Peru Hop is the only bus service in Peru that stops in Huacachina desert oasis and not just to Ica the nearest city.

If you are looking for information on the best buses to take to Huacachina, visit our passes page. Select your departure city, the countries you want to visit, and amount of time you have to travel. Then browse our passes to see which include your desired stop in Huacachina.

Buggy and Sandboarding Tour Information

Peru Hop does not operate any Buggy and Sandboarding Tours. To see Peru Hop’s recommended operator for this tour read below.

Buggy and Sandboarding Tour

Price: $19 USD

Times: Every day at 4:00 pm

Duration: 2 hours

Important note: Peru Hop includes an exclusive extended 2 HOUR buggy tour – all other companies operate just a 1 hour tour!

Meeting Point: Wild Rover Hostel at 15:30pm

Not suitable for: Children under 7 yrs old | Pregnant women

Important Notes:

  • The duration of this tour is shortened to one hour during holiday periods (e.g. Easter weekend, end of July).
  • Minimum age: 7 years old – must have parents permission

Special deal for Peru Hop Passengers: Tours booked via Find Local Trips allow date changes up until the evening before your tour begins at no extra cost.


  • Entrance to the sand dunes
  • Buggy ride
  • Sandboards

Not included:

  • Food and drinks

Ready to experience a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the Huacachina Oasis?

Book a Buggy & Sandboarding Tour now!

Did you know?

  • It is possible to do the Buggy and Sandboarding Tour and catch the Peru Hop bus to Lima on the same day.
  • Huacachina is the only naturally formed desert oasis in South America!
  • Peru Hop is the only bus company to go directly into Huacachina. Other companies only go as far as the nearby city of Ica from where you must take a taxi in order to get to Huacachina.
  • Huacachina is as popular with local Peruvians as it is with international visitors and has a great atmosphere, especially on weekends. This in turn means that booking accommodation ahead of time is advisable around weekends and holidays, especially if private rooms are required.

What to bring to Buggy and Sandboarding?

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Water
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Lightweight trousers to protect the knees should you wish to go down lying down.
  • Closed-toe shoes recommended (no flip-flops)

Buggy and Sandboarding FAQs

Is it possible to do the Buggy tour on the same day that I will depart Huacachina for Paracas/Lima at 18:30pm?

Yes, it is possible. The Buggy tour starts at 16:00pm and lasts for 2 hours, so you will be back at around 18:00pm. At certain time of the year the tour is moved 30minutes later to ensure you catch the sunset on the dunes, this is done in co-ordination with the Peru Hop bus. If you are booked on the bus, we will wait for you to come back from the tour even if there are any delays.

Is sandboarding safe?

Sandboarding is safe provided that you are responsible, so take it easy as each year there are accidents from people going too fast. You will not come out winning versus a wall of sand.

Are the buggies Safe?

Yes, the buggies of our recommended operator are extremely safe. Their drivers will make sure you have a lot of fun but never take any risks, and all seats have a seat-belt to ensure you are strapped in safely. Not all operators have safe modern buggies so it is important to be careful when booking tours.

Can I drive the buggy myself?

No, it is not possible to drive the buggies. All of the drivers are certified, you cannot drive a buggy through the dunes without certification and special permits. You will understand why once you have done it!

I want to spend longer Sandboarding, can I hire boards per day?

Yes. For those wishing to hop off in Huacachina and perfect their board skills there are a number of places in town where you can hire the boards yourself by the hour or half/full day.

I was late and missed my tour. Can I change it for tomorrow?

Unfortunately, if you turn up late and miss the sandboarding tour, the operator will still charge the full price for the NO SHOW as your seat was reserved in the buggy and not sold to anyone else. If you would like to book the tour again for the next day then you can do it, but you will have to pay a second time. Tours can be changed up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure.


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