Why travel with us?

local experiences

Discover places not in the guidebooks such as the Paracas National Reserve and meet local families.

like-minded people

When you travel with us, you’ll meet fun & friendly people of all ages from around the world and share this amazing experience!

Peruvian team

Our guides know their country better than anybody else and will become a friend for life – just check TripAdvisor!

Safe and
flexible travel

The highest standards of hygiene and transport safety combined with unlimited free departure date changes!

What is Peru Hop?

Peru Hop is all about discovering the REAL Peru through the eyes of a local Peruvian. Our local Peruvian experts know this country much better than any guidebook, and so they can take you to places that only locals know about in a safe and easy way.

Our buses cover the whole South of Peru connecting Lima and Cusco (Machu Picchu), and our unique hop on hop off system allows you to travel as quickly or as slowly as you want. Whether you want a one week trip fully planned in advance, or just hop on a bus and decide as you go, Peru Hop is perfect for every type of traveler.

Don’t be a typical tourist who misses out on so much that is not in their guidebook or overpays for everything… discover the Real Peru and see that Machu Picchu is not the only wonder of the world we have here!

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"The Ballestas Islands and National Reserve were probably one of the most stunning places I saw."


“Can't believe this oasis in the middle of the desert actually exists! It’s absolutely breathtaking.”


"It was unbelievable to be in a city surrounded by volcanos. Arequipa was by far my favorite city!"


“With my drone I was able to take a shot of the man-made Floating Islands. It was incredible!”

Don't be a typical tourist...
Discover the real Peru!

Comparing Peru Hop to other ways of traveling

Many people often ask why should they take Peru Hop instead of doing everything themselves via public buses. Other people who have googled “tours of Peru” or something similar then ask why Peru Hop is better than a typical all-inclusive fixed tour of Peru.

Below, we have written detailed guides explaining the differences. Peru Hop offers an incredible mix of the benefits of doing things yourself due to our hop on hop off system with extra safety benefits, but also offers all the benefits that you get with a tour (stop between stops to see hidden gems, local guides onboard to assist and advice).

Why Peru Hop Is Perfect For You

As can be seen via customer reviews and photos on Tripadvisor, travel blogs and Instagram, Peru Hop has an amazing mix of travelers, from young backpackers to older families.

Click on any category below to read real customer reviews and see why Peru Hop is your perfect way explore this country.