About Us

Peru Hop was created in October 2013 by 2 Irish guys living in Peru, namely Will and Conor, and now consists of a team of about 20 staff, 85% of which are local Peruvians.

Having traveled the world, Will met a Peruvian girl (now his girlfriend) who convinced him to move to Peru in 2012 (awwww!). After living here for a few months, Will began to see places in Peru that he did not know about when he was here as a backpacker, and so began to question why travelers did not know about these places and why they were not in the famous guidebooks. Having spent some time in New Zealand and taken one of the famous hop on hop off buses there, Will thought it would be a great idea to have a similar service here in Peru. The idea being that our buses could take travelers to place they could never see by themselves, but also get them around this country in a safe and easy way as many visitors often complained about the dangers of traveling Peru by bus. Conor had been traveling the world solo, and after Will sold him on Peru (especially how good the food was here), Conor made the brave (crazy?) decision to move to Peru and create Peru Hop with Will. Does he regret it?? Well maybe all his new wrinkles might give that away!!

Our biggest challenge was trying to find local Peruvians who really believed 2 Irish guys in their twenties (not anymore unfortunately) would be able to transport travelers around Peru by bus, and our terrible Spanish did not help. The second biggest challenge was trying to speak Spanish with an Irish accent, and that is something that still affects us to this very day!! The third challenge, and again still an ongoing one, is trying to show Peruvians how important customer service is…smile at customers, clean the toilets…BE ON TIME!!! If anybody has traveled Latin America, you will know what we mean…punctuality here simply does not happen, so imagine us trying to get the guides and buses to be on time and follow our timetable…the stress levels of that alone would give you a stroke!!

We have learnt an incredible amount since we began this company and have faced some really difficult challenges, as doing business in Peru presents things that you can almost never plan for. We are definitely not perfect, but we really focus on always trying to improve every single aspect of Peru Hop every single day, as we know our reputation is only as good as our last bus. Our goal has been, and always will be, to show as many travelers as possible that Peru is a safe and incredible country to visit. We love this country, its beauty and its people, and we feel that via Peru Hop, we can help increase tourism to Peru by showing people they no longer need to be afraid to come visit this country.

We want to help the country grow, and tourism is fast becoming a hugely important industry to the local people, and this is why we try to take our passengers to small local restaurants for example so local people can benefit from travelers coming to visit their country. We are also fully registered for tax here in Peru unlike many other travel agencies and tour operators who try to avoid Peruvian taxes, but our taxes from your custom allows us to help grow the Peruvian economy. We are extremely proud of the Peruvian team we have built and our staff are essentially our best friends. We have a team of about 20 with an average age of 28 years old, and although not perfect, each staff member we have is a proud Peruvian who will do absolutely anything to keep our passengers happy. They love their country, and the whole team, from the back office staff to the guides on the buses, get such an incredible feeling when passengers tell us how great their trip was and how much they loved Peru and Peru Hop.

It sounds like a cliché, but we really are one big family here at Peru Hop, and we all work really hard because we believe in and love what we do!

So that’s a little about us, the Peru Hop founders. If you have managed to read this far, well you must have a lot of time on your hands!! But seriously, if you ever need anything from us, don’t hesitate to send an email and we will get back to you ASAP…our office staff are LOVED by our passengers based on the speed of their email replies and the level of knowledge they have, so any question or assistance you need, simply drop us a line. But please always think twice before you buy a Peru Hop ticket…do you really want to trust 2 Irish guys with your trip across Peru?!

Quick Tip: If traveling to or from Lima Airport, it is strongly recommended to use the luxury Airport Express Lima bus to get to or from your hotel. Safer and cheaper than a taxi with no baggage limit as well as free Wi-Fi and USB chargers onboard, it is ideal for travelers.