Cusco, Peru: Our 2024 updated and detailed guide from how to get there, the main attractions, how to book Machu Picchu and much more!

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Cusco Brief Summary:

  • Cusco, 3,400 m.a.s.l. is the gateway to Machu Picchu.
  • What to do: Machu Picchu tour or trek, Rainbow Mountain Tour is a MUST do, Sacred Valley and more.
  • Best Restaurants: Republica del Pisco, Green Point Vegan.
  • Best Bars/Nightlife: Paddy’s or Wild Rover Irish Bar.
  • You can visit Cusco with one of the many Peru Hop hop-on, hop-off passes starting from Lima.

Cusco Guide Contents:

  1. How to get to Cusco – Compare transportation options.
  2. Must do in Cusco– A list of the most popular activities for travellers.
  3. Must see in Cusco– The sights you cannot miss.
  4. Cusco safety tips– Safety issues to be aware of.
  5. Where to stay – Compare accommodation options.
  6. Photo Gallery – A few of the best photos of Cusco.

How to get to Cusco

Cusco is located in the Andes of Peru and is accessible via land or by air. Below is a summary of the main options you have to get to Cusco.

  • Flight to Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport
  • Public bus
  • Peru Hop bus

Although Peru’s most touristic city, Cusco’s airport only receives international flights from La Paz and Bogota. From within Peru, the airport receives flights from Lima, Arequipa, Juliaca and Puerto Maldonado. Upon arrival to the airport take a 15 minute taxi drive to Plaza de Armas where most hotels and hostels are located.

There are many public bus companies that go from all over Peru to Cusco. A bus ride from Lima to Cusco would approximately take 22 hours with no stops while going through windy roads. Accidents are frequent, however, the more expensive choices tend to be much safer. Upon arrival to the bus terminal, you’ll have to take a taxi to the Plaza de Armas.

Peru Hop offers bus tickets to Cusco from Lima, La Paz and other cities in Peru and Bolivia. These private hop-on, hop-off bus tickets include stops along the way with flexibility based on your desired travel plans letting you decide how long you’d like to stay in each destination, with on-board bilingual assistance on all buses, discounts in accommodation and restaurants. Once in Cusco, private taxis will be aranged to drop you off right outside your hotel/hostel. Check out the How It Works page to learn more!

Must do in Cusco

Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain in Cusco region, Peru

  • Take a tour or trek to Machu Picchu
  • Visit the upcoming main attraction, Rainbow Mountain
  • Venture to the Sacred Valley
  • Go white water rafting (Urubamba/Apurimac rivers)
  • Quad biking
  • Horse riding
  • Take part in the lively Cusco nightlife

Most travellers use Cusco as their base to begin a tour or trek to The Lost City of the Incas – more famously known as Machu Picchu. This Inca citadel is one of the Seven Wonders of the World for a reason, dating back to the 15th century, it is believed to have been a royal estate or sacred religious site for Inca leaders. There are a variety of options for getting there, from the Classic Inca Trail, the Inca Jungle Trek, the Salkantay Trek, to taking the train. Machu Picchu is a definite must do. For more information see our page on Machu Picchu.

Rainbow Mountain should be on everyones checklist in Cusco. As fascinating as Machu Picchu, the mountain offers a scenery full of colors created by the minerals in the area. Only recently discovered due to the ice on the mountains melting, Peru’s Ministry of Tourism has deemed it as a must visit in all of the country. To know more info and a detailed itinerary, check out this Rainbow Mountain tour.

Take a day tour and explore the Sacred Valley, which is full of Incan culture and ruins. Take a trip to Ollantaytambo, one of the last Incan towns to fall, with ruins worth seeing or to Tipon where you can see some of the fascinating agricultural terracing and Incan irrigation systems. Go whitewater rafting, canoeing, take a day out on a quad bike, go horse riding in the valley, go paragliding or even bungee jumping…Cusco really has it all!

The nightlife in Cusco is excellent and is renowned as the craziest place to party in Peru. There are bars, restaurants and clubs all situated within and around Plaza de Armas just a walk away from most hostels. Most clubs offer 1 free drink to entice entry, perfect for the traveller on a tight budget. In addition to the nightly fiestas, Cusco celebrates a number of festivals throughout the year with some of the biggest ones occurring in June, July and around New Year’s.

Once you’re done exploring Cusco, hop on board the Inka Express VIP bus service which goes through the world-famous Inca Ruta del Sol (Cusco to Puno). This journey is home to unique Inca ruins and other historical sites. The perfect way to end your time in Cusco. For more detailed info about their service, click here.

Must see in Cusco

  • See all the craft and produce at the Pisac market.
  • Discover the historic city filled with a mixture of Incan and Spaniard influences.
  • Gaze at the stars at the Cusco Planetarium.

Many tourists allow up to 10 days experiencing Cusco but in truth it would take much longer to see everything Cusco has to offer. Walking through the city’s cobbled streets there are Incan buildings and colonial style structures everywhere just waiting to be discovered. Alternative,ly you could simply just take a walk around the beautiful neighboring area of San Blas or head to one of the miradors for a picturesque view of Cusco. If you have time, take a trip to San Pedro Market to see how day to day life is in Cusco. Here you won’t find handicrafts or lots of souvenirs but it is a bustling hive of activity for the local Peruvians. In Plaza San Francisco, only a few blocks from the Plaza de Armas (main centre – all hostels located here), you will find many nice cafes and also the main market selling a mix of items including clothing and souvenirs.

For a full day exploring you can head down to Pisac and see all the products being sold at the local market. Don’t forget to hassle for the prices as they tend to begin with a higher price.

Cusco safety tips

  • Altitude sickness can take its toll so try to acclimatize before undertaking any trips and try altitude sickness pills or chewing coca leaves
  • Pack for all types of weather… it’s normal to have rain and sunshine even at the same time!
  • Choose your trekking agency carefully. Shop around and ask lots of questions
  • Be careful using ATM machines and avoid using them at night if possible
  • Be aware of pickpockets and NEVER take your passport or credit card anywhere unless 100% necessary

Where to Stay in Cusco

  • Cusco has a few different options when it comes to where to stay. For convenience then you can choose a hostel that is just 5 minutes walk from the Plaza de Armas. Right in the heart of the city and never too far from a party, these hostels are ideal for those who want to be in the thick of the action.
  • Alternatively, one of the more beautiful places to stay in Cusco is the San Blas neighborhood. With hostels overlooking the whole city, you can really appreciate the unforgettable views! With great risk comes great reward, as you will be subject to plenty of uphill climbs; not always easy at such high altitude!
  • If you want to get away from the tourist areas then choose a hostel just past the Plaza San Francisco. Beautiful and cheap, this is the area in Cusco that is a lot quieter and out of the way of the tourist area. Stay here if you want to get that little bit closer to the local Peru.

Photo Gallery