Peru Hop vs Public Buses in Peru

Peru Hop vs Public Buses

Peru Hop and other bus companies offer various ways of getting around Peru, however we feel that Peru Hop offers increased safety, more culture and better value than if you choose to take a public bus.

Below is a comparison between Peru Hop and other bus companies.

Hostel or Hotel pick-up and drop-off:

  • Peru Hop offers free hotel and hostel pick-up and drop-off. Other bus companies cannot offer this. That means that with Peru Hop you avoid unsafe taxis who sometimes try to trick tourists just because they do not know the real price.

Free extra stops:

  • This is a HUGE difference between Peru Hop and public bus companies. Other bus services provide a direct service, with nothing to see along the way. We make many awesome free stops to see things that are not even in the Lonely Planet, to give the tourist a real experience of Peru. Public bus companies focus on the needs of local Peruvians that need to get from A to B … we focus on the needs of tourists.

Discounts on hostels and hotels:

  • Again, this is something that other companies cannot offer. We bring a lot of tourists around Peru, so that gives us the power to negotiate discounts on your behalf with restaurants, hostels and hotels!

Independent Travel and Freedom:

  • Both Peru Hop and public bus companies can offer this. With Peru Hop, you have 1 ticket that covers all stops, so you don´t need to go to (often dangerous)  bus stations or deal with crappy online booking systems … we take the stress out of travelling so you have more time to enjoy your vacation!

Wi-Fi on Buses (this is a lie!)

  • Most public bus companies claim to have Wi-Fi on board … this is not true!! Wi-Fi does not work outside of the bus terminal … we are in the desert! Many tourists get on expecting Wi-Fi for their 10 hour bus journey, and after 10 minutes it does not work. We do not claim to have Wi-Fi because it would be simply false advertising.

24 hour GPS:

  • Both the Peru Hop bus, and other buses are monitored 24 hours by GPS. However, one major thing on our bus is that we take passport copies of every passenger. There have been numerous hijackings in the last year on various public buses, and it is believed that a member of the hijacking gang is often on the bus and calls his accomplices when the bus is close so the gang can put rocks on the road to stop the bus. Our bus is for tourists and we take great care as to who is allowed on our bus.

We have travelled on some of our competitors’ buses ourselves, and whilst they are comfortable buses, they definitely do not allow you to get the same experience as with Peru Hop. We let you see the real Peru and are 100% focused on the needs of tourists. other bus companies serve untasty food (we stop for fresh dinner), their assistants barely speak English (our guides are fluent) and they will never do anything to assist you if the bus breaks down or have some other problem (our guide is there by your side all the time in constant contact with our office).

Peru Hop is simply the best way to get around and it has been built with the needs and desires of tourists in mind to ensure you guys fall in love with Peru and have a stress-free and safe journey!

Did you know?

YOU choose how long you stay at each stop… all Peru Hop passes are valid for 1 year!
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Quick Tip: If travelling to or from Lima Airport, it is strongly recommended to use the luxury Airport Express Lima bus to get to or from your hotel. Safer and cheaper than a taxi with no baggage limit as well as free Wi-Fi and USB chargers onboard, it is ideal for travellers.