Hacienda San Jose (Secret Slave Tunnels)

Hacienda San Jose (Secret Slave Tunnels)

The Secret Slave Tunnels in Chincha are becoming a MUST-DO on any trip to Peru! Whilst they are still a hidden gem today, it won’t be long before these tunnels go viral and become Peru’s latest tourist sensation!


In Vietnam, the Củ Chi Tunnels are a world-famous tourist attraction due to their use in the war against USA. In Peru, the Secret Slave Tunnels are very similar to the ones in Vietnam, except they were used for the illegal trafficking of slaves in the 17th Century.

Back then, slavery was legal, but the owners of these mansions (Hacienda) didn’t want to pay taxes on the slaves being brought from Africa. To evade these taxes, they built an underground network of tunnels that connected various mansions in the Chincha region to the ocean – a full 17km away!

Slaves would arrive on boats in the middle of the night, and be smuggled underground in these tunnels into their assigned Hacienda, all without the government knowing.


It was only during a massive Earthquake 200 years later that these tunnels were actually discovered! Today, it is possible to go underground and enter these tunnels and have a first-hand experience of what it must have been like 300 years ago.

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. History cannot be changed, but learning about it, experiencing and feeling it, can really help us all realize how lucky we are today in our lives.

The Hacienda itself is absolutely stunning and hosts famous weddings here in Peru, but the history underneath the Hacienda is simply mind-blowing.

The Secret Slave Tunnels are only open to guests of the Hacienda staying overnight, but Peru Hop has EXCLUSIVE access to the tunnels, along with a guided tour of the whole Hacienda, for all our travelers as part of our local authentic Peruvian Experience.