Our Buses & Safety

To ensure the comfort and safety of all of our passengers, Peru Hop has the best buses in Peru. Whether you’re traveling on one of our longer routes or on our short day trips, you’ll always feel relaxed and stress-free throughout the whole experience.

All our buses have the following attributes

As travelers ourselves, we know that travel experience between destinations can make or break a once-in-a-lifetime trip. For that reason we’ve focused on offering the best comfort for all our passengers. Here’s a list of what sets our private, modern buses apart from the rest!

  • 40 semi-bed reclining seats: All with sponge foam pads for added comfort
  • High-tech temperature-controlled air system: We ensure it is never too hot or too cold.
  • Highest quality brake and suspension system:  To ensure a smooth and seamless journey.
  • Modern and clean toilet: Unlike public buses that often smell bad/aren’t cleaned regularly.
  • 3 LCD TVs on board: Just sit back and enjoy English-speaking movies on longer journeys.
  • Blankets for every passenger: Snuggle up and get some sleep on longer trips.
  • USB ports on every seat! Charge your phone or any device throughout your whole trip.
  • GPS monitoring system: Allows us to track our buses every route and monitor driver speed.

Other bus companies falsely advertise Wi-Fi on their buses but it NEVER works once you leave Lima. Most of Peru is isolated desert or Andean mountains… it is hard enough to get phone signal in some parts, let alone a wifi connection to handle 40 people on a bus! Besides that, we want to encourage people to open their eyes and see Peru as well as converse on the bus… put your phones away for a couple of hours and see the real Peru!

Bus safety

There have been road accidents in the past in Peru (as in most countries worldwide) that have occurred due to speeding drivers or drivers falling asleep at the wheel for example. Our philosophy here is very simple: who cares if the journey takes 1 hour longer if it means we all arrive safely.

One very important factor which separates Peru Hop from normal bus travel in Peru is that we value safety over everything else.

For example, a normal bus running from Lima to Ica will be full of 50 people. Due to the number of people on the bus and how long it would take all of them to board off and receive their luggage at the terminal, the driver will drive as fast as possible to get home earlier. This type of driving would cause unnecessary risks that tend to cause accidents. The worst part is that these drivers don’t get sanctioned and continue driving the next day!

At Peru Hop, only the most professional and qualified drivers are chosen. It’s known that bus trips can be a little tedious sometimes, and that’s why we make sure all our passengers enjoy a safe and comfortable trip, only having to worry about what to do once in each destination (tips on what to do will be given, don’t worry!). We personally have had our scares on public buses and know how terrifying it can be sometimes, and for that reason, the drivers at Peru Hop will be rewarded based on safe driving and reviews from our passengers (whether you felt safe at all times, etc). This encourages our drivers to be more careful and avoid taking risks that may lead to an accident.

Our safety procedures

  • A large team of drivers Our drivers are not overworked/tired as is often the case on other buses.
  • Seatbelts We have a seatbelt on each seat and ask our passengers to wear them at all times.
  • Guides always on board Fluent, bilingual guides are always on board ready to assist you. They’ll give you all the top tips and precautions to take at each destination. Apart from this, they're in direct contact with the driver and office, making sure everything is going well.
  • 24 hour GPS monitoring All of our buses are monitored from a secure point via GPS. This helps us monitor the whereabouts of our vehicles, and also ensures that the buses are not making any unscheduled stops.
  • Lake crossing capabilities (Copacabana - La Paz route) Our bus on the route is purposely built for crossing the lake. Don’t worry, passengers cross on a different boat. Some companies put passengers on the bus as it floats across the lake to try to save some money, which is CRAZY!
  • No strangers on the bus Like most countries throughout the world, Peru has its fair share of bad people, people who are not afraid to steal from others. On all our trips, we considered each group as our family, always making sure everyone is having a great and safe time!

Note: Our Bolivia Hop buses DO NOT include an onboard toilet as the bus cannot be bigger due to weight restrictions involved in crossing Lake Titicaca between Copacabana and La Paz (buses need to float across the Lake). NO COMPANY operating this route has an onboard toilet due to these size restrictions. Public toilets ARE available at the Strait of Tiquina, the crossing point of the lake (one hour from Copacabana, 2hours 30 from La Paz).

Here at Peru Hop we realise the importance of a safe and comfortable journey and so we constantly run maintenance checks, monitor driver speeds, and listen to any feedback our passengers have to help improve our service.

Our buses are privately contracted and are ranked amongst the best buses in Peru, ensuring you have a smooth and pleasant bus trip across this incredible country.

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