Our Buses

To ensure the comfort and safety of all of our passengers, Peru Hop has the best buses in Peru. Our buses are operated via our partners at Inka Express, a 15 year old award-winning Peruvian company famous for luxury bus travel and safety.

All of our buses are either Volvo or Scania branded and are replaced every 3 years to ensure we always have modern buses at our disposal.

Did you know?
Peru Hop provides free pickups and dropoffs to your accomodation – no taxis, no bus terminals. Safe and easy!


All of our buses have the following attributes:

  • 40 semi-bed reclining seats with sponge foam pads for added comfort
  • Modern and clean toilet, unlike public buses that often smell bad and are not cleaned regularly
  • High-tech temperature controlled air system to ensure it is never too hot or too cold
  • 3 LCD TVs on board so you can sit back and enjoy English-speaking movies on longer journeys
  • Highest quality brake and suspension system to ensure a smooth and seamless journey
  • Blankets for every passenger – snuggle up and get some sleep on longer trips
  • 2 Drivers on all long journeys swapping shifts every 4 hours to avoid tiredness
  • GPS monitoring system allowing us to track our buses every step of the way and monitor driver velocity
  • On board oxygen tank to assist with any breathing issues people may have at altitude

Here at Peru Hop we realise the importance of a safe and comfortable journey and so we constantly run maintenance checks, monitor driver speeds, and listen to any feedback our passengers have to help improve our service.

Our buses, via our partners at Inka Express, are ranked amongst the best buses in Peru, ensuring you have a smooth and pleasant bus trip across this incredible country.