Chauchilla Cemetery Tour: 2024 Updated information regarding the Chauchilla Cementery tour, prices, and FAQs!

Chauchilla Cemetery Tour Brief Summary:

  • The Chauchilla Cemetery is located in Nazca, Peru.
  • See the mummies buried in the Chauchilla Cemetery.
  • A different way of looking deeper into the Nazca culture.
  • Find handmade crafts and souvenirs made by the locals!
  • The most popular tour of Nazca is the Chauchilla Cemetery, found about 30 kilometres south of Nazca.
  • The first 21 km is done on a paved road (Pan-American Highway), and the rest of the way is along unpaved road. Here in Peru we call it “trail”. See the cemetery’s mummies, and learn about the ancient Nazca civilization.
  • The ancient settlers of Nazca also had the custom of burying their people in a fetal position, always facing towards the east, and buried with their possessions, possibly with some fantastic idea of their use in some near future, much like many civilizations that flourished in southern Peru.

Complete Guide to Chauchilla Cemetery

  1. Detailed Tour Information & What’s Included – Breakdown of the Chauchilla Cemetery Tour.
  2. How to get to Nazca – Transport information.
  3. What to bring to the Chauchilla Cemetery Tour? – Be prepared for your tour.
  4. questions.

Chachilla Cemetery tour

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Chauchilla Cementery Tour Information

Peru Hop does not operate any tours to the Chauchilla Cemetery. To see Peru Hop’s recommended operator for this tour read below.

Chauchilla Cemetery

Price: $19 USD

Times: 2:00 pm

Duration: Approx. 2 hours

Meeting point: Pick-up from hotels and hostels in central Nazca.

Special deal for Peru Hop Passengers: Tours booked via Hop Login allow date changes up until the evening before your tour begins at no extra cost.

Brief description of the tour

After the Nazca Lines, the Chauchilla Cemetery has become the main attraction to visit where you’ll get to learn about the Nazca Culture in a completely different way. Here, you’ll visit and see the ancient mummies and offerings that are still in good preservation thanks to the dry climate of the desert.

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How To Get To Nazca

The Chauchilla Cemetery is located in the Nazca desert, a culturally rich town just a few hours south of Lima.

You have few options to get to Nazca:

  • Flight
  • Public bus
  • Peru Hop bus

Nazca has a small airport, but it’s mostly used for Nazca Lines tour departures. Few flights available and the overpriced prices make it a complete no-go for travelers

There are many public bus companies operating the Lima to Nazca route. The only problem is the headache you will have trying to compare prices and after you choose one, having to find the companies terminal since there is no central bus terminal.

Peru Hop busses offer a comfortable and safe trip, with free pickups and drop-offs. There are also included stops and tours on the way to Nazca which will make your trip much better! Make sure to check out the bus passes and decide which adventure best suits you!

What To Bring?

  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Cap