Colca Canyon 2 Day Trek: 2024 Updated information about Colca Canyon 2 Day Trek including itineraries, prices, what to bring and FAQs!

Colca Canyon 2 Day Trek Brief Summary:

  • Trek starts at 3am from Arequipa and finishes at 5pm the next day back in Arequipa.
  • 2 Day Colca Canyon Trek is HARD – A good level of fitness is needed. Compare all Colca Canyon Tours & Treks and discover which tour or trek is the perfect option for you.
  • During this Colca Canyon Trek, the night is spent in an oasis lodge near the bottom of the canyon.
  • Treks do include food but it is recommended to bring some extra snacks (fruit, cereal bars etc) with you.
  • Colca Canyon Treks include Andean Condor Bird Viewing.
  • Most companies pick you up and drop you off at your hotel or hostel.

Colca Canyon 2 Day Trek Guide Contents:

  1. Tour Itinerary and Prices – Check start time, prices, and more.
  2. How to get to Colca Canyon – Compare transportation options.
  3. What to bring? – Be prepared for your tour.
  4. FAQs– We answer your frequently asked questions.
  5. Did you know?– Colca Canyon fun facts.
  6. Photo Gallery – A few of the best photos of the Colca Canyon.

Trek Information

Peru Hop does not operate any tours or treks of the Colca Canyon. To see Peru Hop’s recommended operators for this tour read below.

Colca Canyon 2 Day Trek

Hotel/Hostel Pick-up: Between 03:00am & 03:30am
Return Time: Between 17:00pm & 17:30pm (next day)

Detailed Itinerary 2 Day Trek:

Day 1: Arequipa City to Chivay to Condor’s cross to Sangalle

Between 03:00 am and 03:30 am, we depart to Cabanaconde in the Colca Canyon, which is about a 6 hour drive from Arequipa. On the way we stop for breakfast and later we continue to La Cruz del Condor which is the best place to watch the Canyon and the famous Andean Condor birds. From here, we continue another 20 minutes by bus to start our trek downhill. We will trek downhill for approximately 3 ½ hours from 3300 metres to 2100 metres into the Canyon.

Upon arrival, we will have lunch and some time to rest in San Juan de Chuccho, a village with vegetation and some fruit trees. From there, we continue to the small towns of Cosñirhua and Malata. Then, it is time to start hiking even further into the Canyon, this time into the deepest part of our trek to reach “Sangalle” a village at an altitude of approximately 1900 metres. Here you can enjoy the warm swimming pool to relax after a long day’s hiking. We will arrive to Sangalle at approximately 17:00 pm. At night, we will have dinner and sleepover in bungalows near the oasis.

Day 2: Sangalle to Chivay to Arequipa City

At 05:00 am, we will start trekking uphill for approximately 3 hours to the town of Cabanaconde with the help of torch lights. This part of the trek can provide spectacular views as we trek during the sunrise. We will have breakfast in Cabanaconde. From there, we will head to Chivay. On the way, we will have a great view of pre-Inca terraces, some archaeological ruins and colonial towns amongst others views. Around noon, we arrive to Chivay at the hot springs, with water temperatures of 38°C (optional). In Chivay, we will enjoy a typical local lunch if you wish.

In the afternoon, we will have transportation back to Arequipa. On the way, we descend from 4830 metres to 2325 metres and pass through a national reserve and Pampa Cañahuas, which is a habitat for the four species of South American camelids (llama, alpaca, vicuña and guanaco). This is where you can get that all important selfie with an Alpaca or even a Vicuña if you are lucky. At the end of the afternoon, we arrive to Arequipa between 17:00 pm – 18:00 pm and we will drop you off at Calle Santa Catalina, next to Santa Catalina Monastery.


  • Round trip tourist transportation – private bus so your seat is always reserved.
  • Meals (2 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner).
  • English speaking trekking guide – local expert who knows everything about the Canyon.
  • One night in the lodge. Shared bathroom – upgrades to room with private bathroom available for approx S/.40 soles.
  • Towel Hire available S/.5 soles.

Not included:

  • Entrance ticket to Canyon: S/.70 soles – not included on any tour due to it being illegal to include it.
  • Entrance to the Hot Springs: about S/.15 soles – OPTIONAL


  • The passenger has the obligation to mention any health problem or past injury to assure and guarantee the safety of the trip.
  • Tips for the guides are not included.
  • Wear warm layers for the early morning transport, as the route to the canyon reaches altitudes of almost 5000 meters above sea level and can have freezing temperatures.
  • NOTE: THIS TREK ISN’T EASY, SOME SAY IT’S HARDER THAN MACHU PICCHU’S! For people who get tired during the trek, it is possible to hire mules.

How To Get To Colca Canyon

The Colca Canyon is located about 4-hours outside of the city of Arequipa. The best way to get there is to take a tour or trek which includes transportation to and from Arequipa. If you are looking for information on the best buses to take to Arequipa, visit our passes page. Select your departure city, the countries you want to visit, and amount of time you have to travel. Then browse our passes to see which include your desired stop in Arequipa.

What to bring?

For the 2 day trek, bring a small bag only. Large luggage can be stored at your accommodation in Arequipa.

  • Photocopy of passport and immigration card (TAM)
  • Light backpack
  • 1.5 to 2 litres of water for day 1 (if you need more you can buy it at the small shops at the villages BUT expensive)
  • Sun cream (very important)
  • Hats, sunglasses
  • Trekking shoes or boots
  • Waterproof rain jacket
  • Warm layers, sweater or jacket (IMPORTANT) –Temperatures reach lows of -10 Celsius
  • Shorts or pants for walking
  • Swimming suit, sandals, towel – swimming pools in the oasis, and thermal baths in Chivay on the way back to Arequipa!
  • Flashlight/ headtorch – Early trek out of the Canyon starts at 5am before sunrise (It is dark!)
  • Basics like toilet paper, etc
  • Snacks (Breakfast on the last day is AFTER the early morning hike out of the Canyon – bring enough snacks to fuel you up the climb!)
  • Insects repellent
  • Personal medications (if necessary)
  • Hiking sticks (optional)
  • Money


What is the difference between the Colca Canyon TOURS and TREKS?

During the tours you will have limited walking sections as most of the time you stay on a bus and only get outside at several viewing points. The tours are more recommended for travelers who want (or because of physical conditions) have to take it easy. Treks however, are perfect for people with good physical condition. With treks you will definitely get more and intense views of the beautiful and unique landscape of the Canyon.

What’s the difference between a 2 Day and a 3 Day Trek?

The routes for both tours are the same. The 3-day trek just offers more time to relax and enjoy the canyon. Because of that, the tour is easier than the 2-day trek. But still both treks are not easy!

I do not want to take all of my stuff with me. Where can I leave my big bag?

Hotels and hostels in Arequipa will normally store your bags in their safety deposit for free whilst you are away at the Canyon, until you check-in again upon your return. Head off for the trip with just what you need and leave the rest in storage. Especially for the trek as you will need to carry what you take.

I do not feel well and wish to cancel my trip for tomorrow morning.

Peru Hop does not operate the Colca Tours. The tour provider allows changes up to 17:00pm the day before at no cost. Cancellations or missed tours will be charged the full fee.

I woke up late and missed my tour pick up. Can I change it for tomorrow?

Peru Hop does not operate the Colca Tours. The operators will charge us fully for any NO SHOW or missed departure not previously cancelled before 17:00pm the day before. If you would like to book the tour again for the next day then this is possible but you will have to pay a second time.

Can I rent mules?

Yes, It cost S/.80 soles per day or S/.60 soles during the uphill section on the last day from Sangalle to Cabanaconde.

Will I see Condors on this tour?

There are quite a few Condors out there and as we visit different viewing points the chances are quite good. We still cannot guarantee that you will be able to see them but if you get lucky they will fly just above your head!

Can I have a private room if I travel alone?

Yes, of course but you will need to pay an extra 40 soles. You need to inform us 24 hours before your tour date.

Is there an upgrade possible in accommodation, instead of a basic hotel?

No, this Colca Canyon provider does not offer alternative accommodation. If you wish to stay in a different hotel or lodge in the Canyon it is recommended you book a private tour of the Canyon.

Did You Know?

  • The Colca Canyon is TWICE as deep as the Grand Canyon!
  • The area surrounding the Canyon is famed for its traditional and colourful towns which you will pass through along the way.
  • In the Canyon you can find over 100 kinds of birds, over 300 types of plants and more than 30 types of cactus.
  • The highest point of the Canyon is Ampato at 6388 meters above sea level. These snow-capped peaks form an impressive backdrop to the Canyon.
  • The Andean Condor Bird can weigh up to 12 kg with a wingspan of over 3 metres! The CRUZ DE CONDOR viewpoint is famed as the best place in South America to see the Andean Condor in flight.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery:

Colca Canyon 2 Day Tour photo gallery

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To book a Colca Canyon tour we recommend you use a search and comparison website for tours across all of South America.