Best value for your money

Note: Peru Hop’s ticket prices are extremely low compared to the cost involved. If you read comments online, or talk to past customers, they will often tell you how excellent the value for money on Peru Hop was.

For this reason, we do not offer discounts on our Peru Hop tickets as we believe they are extremely fair and allow us to pay our local Peruvian staff a fair wage (unlike a lot of companies here in Peru).

We offer small group discounts when 3 or more people are traveling together to help families reduce their cost. However, we can use our powers of persuasion, and the power of travelers traveling together, to get you discounts on almost everything else in Peru, things you wouldn’t get if traveling via public bus!

As fellow travelers, we know that by getting the best value for money, you can experience even more of Peru, so we have ensured that we have some amazing deals lined up on accommodation, tours and even discounts at local restaurants at every stop along the way!

Hotel & Hostel Discounts

We have negotiated prices with hostels and hotels you WON’T Find even booking directly with the hotel or on for example.

Note that all of these discounts can only be achieved by booking directly with Peru Hop.

For more info and to see all the hostels and hotels we work with and the prices they offer, see our dedicated hotel and hostel discount page HERE.

Food and Drink Discounts

Peru Hop has sourced partner restaurants at each location based on over 10 years of experience. We have negotiated INCREDIBLE value for money at each location we visit.

Peru Hop makes no profit from taking our passengers to restaurants unlike other companies…instead, we pass on any incentives a restaurant offers us directly to our passengers.

You are free to eat at any restaurant you want and do not have to eat at any restaurant we recommend. Our team members just give tips and advice but, as with everything on Peru Hop, the choice is yours.

Free Tours

Our ticket prices are amongst the cheapest on the market whilst offering the best value, the best guides, and the safest drivers as well as the chance to meet fellow travelers.

However, in order to see more yet pay less, we have added extra stops along the way that are included in the price of your ticket. For example. the Paracas Natural Reserve normally costs $15 USD, and the Pisco Vineyard Tour & Tasting Experience normally costs $20 USD… both are included free with every Peru Hop ticket.


Optional Extra Tours - Discounts

Peru Hop wants to ensure that you simply have the best trip possible in Peru. As a result, we have teamed up with the best local operators to offer optional extra tours at each destination at great value prices.

We only work with local operators who help put money back into the local community and who focus on the quality of service in the same way we do here at Peru Hop.

To view a list of all optional extra tours at each destination, along with their discounted prices, see HERE.

Group Travel

Traveling in a group of 3 or more? We offer discounts for groups to ensure you all travel this country in the best way possible! More info HERE.