Getting to Iquitos

Iquitos is located in the heart of the northeastern jungle of Peru. It’s the capital of the Loreto Region in the province of Maynas.

The city is surrounded by rivers and canals due to the difficult amazonian geography there are no roads there and its communication with other provinces is only by river or air.

This exotic and warm city is considered the largest in the Peruvian Jungle and it’s a perfect place for excursions and adventures, also is the gateway to navigate the Amazonas River.

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How to get to Iquitos from Lima

As we mentioned before Iquitos doesn´t have highways that connect it with other cities in Peru.Cars only circulate in the urban area and surroundings of Iquitos because the fluvial environment predominates.So there are just two ways to get to Iquitos from Lima.

By plane

If you are in Lima then you have to go to the “Jorge Chavez International Airport” and from there take a flight to reach Iquitos.

The city of Iquitos has the “Coronel FAP Francisco Secada” International Airport, located just 7 kilometers from the center of the city. The Airport has comfortable facilities and it receives domestic flights from Lima, Pucallpa and Tarapoto. Also it has direct international flights from Panama city and sometimes there are flights to Iquitos from Leticia, Colombia and Yurimaguas.

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By Cargo Boat

Getting to Iquitos by cargo boat is an incredible way to see the wonderful landscapes and nature. The Masusa port of the city of Iquitos opens its boats for tourists who want to visit its beautiful town. The port is located on the great avenue La Marina, just 3 kilometers from the city, on the shores of the Itaya river that flows into the Amazon River.

You can arrive from the port of Pucallpa (La Hoyada), from the Ucayali River to the Amazon River. The trip lasts between 4 to 5 days depending on the condition of the navigation and only a maximum of 250 passengers can board.

If the trip begins in Yurimaguas from the Marañón River to the Amazon, the journey will last about 3 to 4 day. If the boat begins its journey on horseback where the border with Colombia and Brazil is located, you will be able to arrive within 48 hours since they have very fast boats. To be able to make these trips you must have a prior permit from the Natural Service of Protected Areas, this permit is coordinated directly by your tour operator.

What to bring:

  • A hammock (easily purchased at the departure points).
  • Plastic container and silverware.
  • Plenty of water.
  • Extra food.
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Cruises in the Amazon

Navigating the Amazon River is an incomparable experience and the Iquitos tour operators offer organized programs of 4 to 8 days, some with set sail from the port of Iquitos and others from Nauta( capital of the Loreto province) to navigate in the area of ​​the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

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What to see in Iquitos

In this jungle paradise, you will have no problem having fun or finding a landscape to enjoy, because the jungle tours offer all these packages where you will get to know the city, culture, gastronomy and crafts.

From the variety of places you can visit here, the Pacaya Samiria Reserve stands out. This reserve is 180 Km. (115 miles) south west of Iquitos and it’s an important destination in South America for scientific researches, nature lovers and bird watchers. To find all that you need to know about this incredible place, make sure to visit our blog of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

There´s no doubt that travelling to Iquitos is a unique experience, it’s a wonderful place with stunning landscapes and mysticism. There you’ll have the chance of navigating the waters of the Amazonas River and to come into direct contact with nature and the wisdom of the indigenous people, so don’t wait any longer! Come to Iquitos, a beautiful city in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.

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