What is Peru Hop & How It Works

You will probably visit Peru only once in your lifetime...

You want to maximize your visit, see and do as much as you can in this incredibly diverse and beautiful country.

You want an authentic local experience, to get to know some Peruvians and learn their culture and get insights into what life is (and was) like for people living in Peru.

As well as this, you also want to feel safe in a country where you probably don’t speak the local language.

Peru Hop does ALL of the above and much much more!

What is Peru Hop (brief summary)

Peru Hop is a bus/travel company developed by Irish and Peruvian partners to give travelers a safe and easy way to discover the REAL Peru.

It was only after our Irish owners lived in Peru did they realize they had missed so many amazing places and so developed Peru Hop so other travelers wouldn’t make the same mistake.

We want to show you Peru through the eyes of a local. Our drivers know the hidden gems, the stops between the stops that tourists would never find, and are also happy to share stories of what life was and is like in Peru along the way. An authentic local experience with European standards of safety and service.

How Peru Hop Works (brief summary)

Our core concept is hop on hop off. Buy 1 ticket and you can hop on and off at cities and towns all across Peru. No bus terminals, no taxis, no stress!

More importantly, we are able to stop at hidden gems that public buses cannot (as they want to get from A to B as quickly as possible) to give you a truly local and authentic experience.

You are also in full control of your trip. You decide where to go, how long to stay, what hotel or Airbnb to stay at, and when to get back on the next bus… we just assist and advise you.

Keep reading below to understand more about how Peru Hop works and why we have become the #1 rated travel company in the whole of Peru!

Peru Hop offers 2 distinct travel options:

1. Our Classic Hop On Hop Off Travel across Peru and/or Bolivia (this is explained in much further detail below)

2. One Day City Tours/Trips - Ideal for those who plan to fly within Peru and have a day or 2 extra in Lima or Cusco for example. Click HERE to view our Day Trips

How does Hop-on, Hop-off work?

We offer day trips for those who plan to fly - click  here for info

Choose a pass

Select the best pass for you based on how much time you have to travel Peru and where you want to visit. All passes are flexible and allow unlimited hop on and off at all the stops included in the pass!

Personalize your adventure

You can simply hop on the first bus and travel freely day to day. Or, after booking, use the Peru Hop App to manage your bus times/dates, change pickup locations and more!

Start your Peru Hop experience

Hop on our luxury bus at your chosen pickup location (no taxis, no bus terminals, no stress!). We make quick stops along the way to discover some hidden gems only local Peruvians know!

Travel at your own pace

Want to see and do it all in shortest time possible? Follow our recommended bus schedule! Prefer to travel slower? Hop off anywhere for as long as you like, buses operate EVERY day for maximum flexibility!

Finish having discovered the REAL Peru

If your friend came to visit your city, would you tell him/her to rely on Travel Bloggers/Websites? Or YOU as the local? Our local Peruvian team will ensure you discover, experience and taste things 90% of tourists who come to Peru miss out on! Don’t be a typical tourist…Discover the REAL Peru!

Fun facts about Peru Hop

  • We started in 2013 and almost went bankrupt in our 1st year… Irish luck and charm helped us survive!
  • 65% of our passengers are female and over 85 nationalities have travelled with us.
  • The average age of a Hop passenger is 31. The oldest was 83, the youngest was 10 months old!
  • Various people have gotten married after meeting on Peru Hop! Thankfully, no couples have got divorced after traveling on Peru Hop together!
  • We helped over 4,000 tourists stuck in Peru during Covid lockdown when other bus companies basically ignored them (check other companies Tripadvisor reviews), with our local Peruvian team going above and beyond
  • The founders speak Spanish with an Irish accent, much to the confusion of our Peruvian team! Read more about how Peru Hop started here.

Want more details on how Peru Hop works?

Click any section below to read more information.

Peru Hop Public Buses
Onboard local Peruvian expert
Free stops at hidden gems
Hotel/Airbnb pickups
Meet other travelers onboard
Wi-Fi on bus *
Avoid bus terminals & taxis
Travel at your own pace
Rating on Tripadvisor 96% 65%

*Wi-Fi Note: Other buses falsely advertise wifi, but it NEVER works. You travel through remote locations where even phone signal is hard to get, nevermind wifi! Peru Hop do not falsely advertise something that simply won't work!

Don't believe us? Find the best local bus company, find their Tripadvisor page, and then read the reviews. Then read Peru Hop reviews. We are far from perfect, but we promise you a much better traveling experience seeing more and paying less!

When comparing our prices, add up the costs of all the journeys we include in the pass you are interested in. Then, add on all taxi costs to/from each terminal and the time you waste doing this. Then add on the real cost of our free stops at hidden gems compared to trying to do them yourself.

You will see that not only do we offer safety and comfort, but our prices represent incredible value too for everything that Peru Hop offers.

Peru is probably a once in a lifetime trip for you. Don’t ruin it sat on a public bus full of bored locals trying to get to work as fast as possible with crazy drivers!

Discover the REAL Peru with Peru Hop, make friends along the way, and make the most of your once in a lifetime trip to this amazing country!

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