Peru Hop is all about discovering the REAL Peru through the eyes of a local. Our drivers know the hidden gems, the stops between the stops that tourists would never find, and are also happy to share stories of what life was and is like in Peru along the way. An authentic local experience in a safe, flexible and fun way! Read more below about what Peru Hop is and how it works!

Peru Hop offers 2 distinct travel options:

1. Our Classic Hop On Hop Off Travel across Peru and/or Bolivia (this is explained in much further detail below)

2. One Day City Tours/Trips - Ideal for those who plan to fly within Peru and have a day or 2 extra in Lima or Cusco for example. Click HERE to view our Day Trips

There are a few ways to travel within Peru:

  1. Planes (You will miss a LOT of stops not served by Airports, such as Huacachina, Paracas, Puno/Lake Titicaca and more). Note that if you are very short on time, a combination of planes and day trips by bus could work well.
  2. Local Public Buses (no central bus terminal, many companies with poor safety records, lack of English speaking staff, no stops between the stops to see the hidden gems)
  3. Guided Tour Company (usually VERY expensive, no flexibility to choose what you want to do and when you want to do it, can’t stay anywhere longer. Fixed, rigid, and expensive)
  4. Peru Hop Bus (#1 Rated company on Tripadvisor. Hop-on Hop-off, hotel pickup/drop off, stop between the stops and much more! An authentic local experience at local prices!)

How Peru Hop works for travel across Peru and/or Bolivia

We offer day trips for those who plan to fly - click here for info

  • Book 1 single bus pass that covers ALL bus journeys – no need to research bus tickets and routes!
  • Hop on the bus at your Start Destination: we pickup at your hotel/hostel, no taxis needed! (Airbnb have close pickup points)
  • Get off the bus at any stop you like. We have stops at all the best towns, villages and hidden gems along the way based on our years of experience to ensure you can discover places not even in the guidebooks.
  • Use your unique login code to manage all your bus times and dates from your phone, or WhatsApp us whenever you want to get on the next bus. Buses operate every single day so you have complete flexibility and control over your experience.
  • Cover the route as quickly as you like or take as long as you like. Ask our onboard Peruvian expert for any tips or advice along the way and listen to his/her stories about what life is and was like in Peru!
  • Meet fellow travelers on board from all over the world...many of our passengers make friends and end up traveling to various destinations together!
  • Peru Hop is 100% stress-free so you can truly enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime experience in Peru as a solo traveler, with your friends or with your family!


Want more details on how Peru Hop works?

Below is our simple guide to help you understand how our service works in 5 simple steps.

5 simple steps on how Peru Hop works


Choose A Pass

Choose from our variety of passes, depending on where you want to start, where you want to go and how much time you have. Check our passes section for more information.


Plan Your Itinerary

Our passes are perfect for everyone, whether you want to squeeze it all into a few days or stay somewhere for a longer period of time.


Start Your Trip

Get picked up from your hotel or hostel and start your trip! At every destination, we will pick you up and drop you off wherever you are staying.


Hop-on & Hop-off

You decide how long to stay at each stop. Stay one night or one month, it’s up to you! Your pass will be valid for one whole year. Simply log into your HOP LOGIN account and change your itinerary on the go.


Finish Your Trip

Finish your trip and visit our offices for info, feedback, exclusive discounts and more!

Book With Confidence

You are able to change your departure dates at no extra cost if you were to change your plans.

Find My Perfect Trip

Why Peru Hop is 90% cheaper than tour companies?

This is a question we often get asked via email so we thought we would help explain it here…

If you google “10 day tour of Peru”, you will see tours (not flexible…but with fixed itineraries) costing $1,500 – $4,500 USD. These tours often don’t even include everything… read the small print!!

Peru Hop’s most popular ticket is $179 USD for a pass that is valid for one whole year.

If you add to our price the extra activities in each destination, and the accommodation (check online or check our exclusive accommodation discounts), you will see that the overall price will still come out MUCH MUCH cheaper.

How Is This Possible You May Ask?

Well Peru Hop, unlike most tour companies, is LOCALLY based. We have a local Peruvian team and pay local taxes. For extra activities, we work with local tour operators and we get the best possible prices from them, and pass these directly to our customers. Other companies make 200% and 300% profit… they tell you a 2 day Colca Canyon Tour costs $90 USD when it really costs around $27 USD.

In terms of accommodation, hotels and hostels work with travel agencies on a confidential rate basis. They tell an agency “We don’t care what price you charge the customer, you need to pay us $30 USD”. ALL agencies then mark up these prices, and charge you, the customer, $80-$100 USD… easy money for them!

What we do differently is we pass on the confidential price DIRECTLY to our customer. Check our exclusive prices on accommodation… we 100% guarantee these rates CANNOT be beaten on any website ( or anyone else) or with any travel agency.

Why Do We Do This?

Well it’s quite simple. We make our money through volumes of people on our buses. The more people that come to Peru the better for this whole country, including Peru Hop. So if we can make Peru more affordable for travellers, they will then recommend this country to more people, who will bring more visitors etc etc. As a local company, we want this country to grow and tourism is a massive driver of growth for this country where over 35% of people live below the poverty line.

Travel agencies and tour companies that charge $2,000 USD+ are NOT local companies. They do not employee local people. They don’t really care if the economy grows here or not. They are simply interested in making as much money as possible. They prey on tourists lack of knowledge about Peru, and tell tourists that it is such a dangerous country, and that $2,000 USD is actually quite cheap for a tour as it is less than 1 months wages in most western countries. Tourists fall for it and end up paying way too much for a fixed tour, with no flexibility, which does not even take them to REAL local destinations.

Peru Hop is a proud Peruvian company and our whole team is proud of the fact that we are different from these huge travel agencies and tour companies that rip tourists off. Keeping our prices as low as possible is something we always aim to achieve so more and more people can come visit this amazing country.

We hope this helps explain why we are a lot cheaper than normal travel companies but our quality is MUCH better (according to TripAdvisor reviews online) and we hope to see you on board a Peru Hop trip in the very near future!

Book With Confidence

You are able to change your departure dates at no extra cost if you were to change your plans.

Find My Perfect Trip

We understand your needs!

  • It’s not always easy traveling through Peru due to the lack of English-speaking people, poor customer service or people trying to rip you off.
  • What do you do in an emergency if you lose your credit card or passport or have a health issue?
  • What if you book a tour but your plans change and you want to stay somewhere longer?

And that’s why we created Peru Hop in 2013! (Read How Peru Hop was created here)

We GUARANTEE that Peru Hop is the only way to discover the REAL Peru, with our onboard guides happily sharing stories about how life was and is in Peru, as well as being able to assist and advise you with anything along your trip. Our drivers (now famous on Tripadvisor) are not only there to help you get around safely but to help you see Peru through the eyes of a Peruvian.

Peru Hop is a proud local Peruvian company employing local staff, and our aim is to ensure you have the best possible once-in-a-lifetime trip through this amazing country. We are always here to help and our onboard assistants are famous for their care and attention, while also leaving travelers enough space and freedom to explore at their own pace.

As we like to say: “Travel independently, but never alone.”

About Peru Hop: How & Why 2 Irish guys setup a business here in Peru – Click Here

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