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Lima Food Tour: Experience the Taste of Peru

Updated Information about the best Lima food tour. Discover the best way to taste your way around Peru with this complete guide.

Discover the best way to taste your way around Peru. One of the best ways of understanding the cultural importance of the cuisine in Peru, as well as sampling the tastes of the country is with a Lima food tour. Peru is a popular destination with amazing history and gastronomy. Taking a food tour has become the trend in many foodie destinations, from Paris to Barcelona, and most importantly, Lima food tours have also become increasingly popular. The great thing about a food tour is that the experience is usually a fine blend of culture and cuisine. When traveling in Lima you can take part in the Peruvian Experience, which takes you on one of the most epic food tours in Peru.

peruvian experience

The Peruvian Experience: Lima Food Tour

Lima is not only home to some of the best restaurants in the country, but the world as well. The food industry is thriving in Peru and because of this, there are a number of Lima food tours available. If you are looking for one of the best food tours in Lima then the Peruvian Experience is what you are looking for.

What to Expect on this Lima Food Tour

The Peruvian Experience is a unique food tour in Lima, which offers a full 2-hours of Peruvian food and entertainment unlike anything else. Climb aboard and get ready to eat, drink, and learn all about traditional Peruvian foods and beverages. Check out below for a breakdown of the different kinds of things you can expect on your Peruvian Experience adventure.

The Dark Ride

Sit back and enjoy the journey through history on the Dark Ride. Although not quite a roller coaster, hop into one of the carts and go on an epic voyage that explores Peru’s history.

the dark ride peruvian experience

Along your journey, you’ll learn about some food history and relevant facts about produce and ecosystems in Peru. This is extremely interesting thanks to the ancient civilization of the Inca! You can finish up this leg of the adventure with a picture. There is a magnificent backdrop with Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain, and all of the other uniquely Peruvian sights that you will enjoy if you are traveling the country.

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The Pisco Experience

Experience and learn all about first-hand the popular national drink of Peru called Pisco. On the Pisco Experience, you’ll learn all about the grape used, the light-colored brandy that is produced using the fruit, and much more. You will do this all on the interactive vineyard, exclusive to the Peruvian Experience. During the pisco experience you get more than just a brief history. You will be shown the entire production process, from vineyard to bottle. You will also enjoy a masterclass in pisco sours from an expert barman in a 1920’s themed bar, giving you a skill to take home and wow your friends and family. You’ll have plenty of fun being your own barman and practicing your skills, perfecting the recipe as you go.

Cooking Experience

Enjoy the wonderful smells, aromas, and tastes as you begin your Peruvian Cooking Experience. You’ll learn about how to use the incredible textures and flavors of ingredients that go into Peruvian cuisine from a trained professional chef. Once you understand the theories and the basics of Peruvian cooking then get ready to learn how to make one of the most typical dishes of Peru: Ceviche. This is another great skill that you can take home and impress your friends and family with.

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The Real Taste of Peru

The Taste of Peru is the ultimate Peruvian experience. Here you will learn about a typical Peruvian market and is various products, and you can experience the atmosphere of these markets in this indoor mock-market. You will also experience 12 iconic traditional Peruvian dishes, from starters to main courses and desserts. All of this food is prepared from their original recipes, ensuring that you sample a full range of Peruvian tastes, dishes, and delicacies. Along with the food, you will also get to learn and understand more about the dishes as well as the history of them from your bilingual guide, who is with you throughout the experience.

the peruvian experience

If the 12 courses of traditional food aren’t appealing enough, you will also experience Peruvian dancers participating in traditional dances, which you are welcome to join in with, the dancers are eager to teach you all the steps they know.

In Conclusion

Despite all the historic buildings and astonishing landscapes, many people travel every year to Lima, Peru simply for the food. A Lima food tour is not only a great way to try new food but also for having new cultural experiences. If you’re looking for one of the best food tour experiences in Lima, the Peruvian Experience should be your first stop.