Nazca Lines
Viewing Tower

The Nazca lines, some over 2,000 years old, have blown away historians and archeologists for hundreds of years, and even today there is no conclusive agreement as to how or why they were created. Believed to have been created by the Nazca culture, the figures range from 50m to 370m (the size of the Empire State Building), the most known figures being the monkey, hummingbird, spider, and the tree.

What you’ll see

Every Peruhop pass travelling through Nazca includes this short stop (in a quite unreal place in the middle of a desert) and the entry to the viewing tower.

The tower gets you 13 metres (43 feet) off the ground – enough to get the basic outline of three of the Nazca figures. Your photos won’t be as impressive as when you get on the plane, but this is a much more up-close-and-personal way to see the lines. On top of that our Peruhop guide will give you information on the intriguing history behind the ancient Nazca culture and ongoing theories behind these mysterious Lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What figures are seen from the tower?

You’ll be able to see the tree, the hands and the lizard

I’m afraid of heights, do I have to go up?

No. Although we highly recommend going up, we won’t make you do it. The stop can be perfect to stretch the legs and enjoy the view of the desert!

Can I book a flight with a tour operator?

Yes! You can pre-book your flight before the trip or directly with the guide on the bus