How do I book a ticket online?

Go to our Passes section and browse until you find the pass that matches your itinerary best. Once you have clicked on the pass, select BOOK NOW, which will redirect you to our booking platform. Our booking platform has 6 steps and it is really easy!

  1. Choose your pass:

    Make sure you have chosen the right pass, select your departure date and the number of seats you want on the bus.

  2. Step 2: Pickup Location:

    Here you need to choose your first pick-up location.

    NOTE: if you do not know your pick-up location just select DECIDE LATER at the time of booking, you can then send us an email later to confirm this (preferably 3 days before departure but if you are booking within 3 days of departure that is fine, but remember you must update your booking at least 12 hours before so we know where to pick you up to start your trip!).

  3. Fill in your passenger information:

    Fill in your personal information and the info of those you’re booking for.

  4. Add-ons:

    Here you will see you have the possibility to add-on a ticket for the official Airport Express Lima bus for only 8 USD one way. If adding it, you will only need to show your Peru Hop booking confirmation with your add-on at the counter in the airport or on the airport bus itself.

  5. Summary:

    We will give you a summary of your ticket so you can check all your information before making the payment. If you have a discount code, you can fill it in here.

  6. Payment:

    Finish your booking (we accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Maestro). Fill in your card details and confirm your booking. Once you have received the message YOUR BOOKING IS CONFIRMED – You can officially call yourself a hopster!

If something is not working or your payment doesn’t go through, you can always contact us or book your ticket in one of our offices in Lima, Cusco or La Paz.

You will receive your booking confirmation via email. In this email you will receive a reservation code, which you can use to make changes to your booking through our Hop Login system. Read more in our FAQ section about how to use your Hop Login.

Upon purchasing a Peru Hop or Bolivia Hop pass, you receive a discount code (not the same as your reservation code) that you can use if you decide to continue your travels with us and purchase a future pass.