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Paracas Tours from Lima

To truly enjoy what Paracas has to offer, you need to travel with the BEST rated Paracas Tours from Lima in 2024. And no better option than the Full Day Paracas Tour, operated by Peru Hop!

The beach town of Paracas, home to the Paracas National Reserve and the Ballestas Islands also known as the “Mini Galapagos”, is probably the best place in Peru to visit the Pacific coast.

Within just a few square kilometers, you can see enigmatic archaeological sites, jaw-dropping desert scenes, stunning beaches, and an extraordinarily diverse array of avian and marine wildlife. The best part about Paracas is that it’s only about a four hour drive from Lima, making it a super convenient location for a quick trip from the capital, either as a day tour or as a stop on a longer trip of the country.

Must-See & Visit In Paracas

Ballestas Islands

Nicknamed “The Mini Galapagos”, it’s the most well-known attraction for travelers in Paracas. Given the nickname due to the similarity to the Galapagos at a way better price, these rocky islands off the Pacific coast of Peru are an essential stop for any nature lover. The islands are home to hundreds of species of animals such as the endangered Humboldt penguin, seals, many subtropical birds (the blue-footed booby, guanay, etc), and much more exotic and interesting wildlife.


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El Candelabro

On the way to the Ballestas Islands, visitors will pass El Candelabro, a large prehistoric petroglyph of unknown origin spanning over 150m high and 50m wide. There is still no definite answer as to why it was etched on the sandy hills but there are many theories with the most reasonable being that it was used as a navigational guide for ancient sailors.


Paracas National Reserve

Like the Ballestas Islands, the Paracas National Reserve is a protected area for many important wildlife species, particularly birds. In total, the reserve is home to 74 species of plants, 216 species of birds, 16 types of mammals, 10 species of reptiles and 193 species of fish. The main attraction, however, is the scenery. This peninsula represents a point where the driest desert on Earth meets the Pacific Ocean, creating a very picturesque and dramatic landscape. There are several coastal areas and beaches with their own unique appearance: the tiny finish village of Lagunillas, the stunning red sand beach of Playa Roja and the secluded cove of Playa de la Mina, among others.

How to visit the Paracas National Reserve & Islas Ballestas

Since the town of Paracas is only a small outpost existing primarily as a hub for travelers visiting the area’s sights, there are only a couple bus companies which offer service directly to Paracas from Lima. Once in Paracas, it will also be necessary to purchase the relevant entrance tickets and arrange transportation to the islands or reserve independently. There are many different tourist agencies and transportation companies offering these services within Paracas.

The best way to avoid any hassle, however, is to book a trip with Peru Hop. The Full Day Tour on offer right now will pick you up directly at your hostel in Miraflores and bring you to both the Paracas National Reserve and the Ballestas Islands, plus an EXCLUSIVE tour through the Secret Slave Tunnels in Chincha. Trips depart every day and offer FREE extra stops such as the Paracas National Reserve for no extra charge. Since transportation, hostel/hotel pick-up and drop-off, accommodation, entry prices, etc. are included, all you’ll have to worry about is the cost of food. It’s really the best and most convenient way to visit these locations.

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Here’s the best-rated Paracas Full Day Tour itinerary where you get to do it all:

Day 1

05:30am – 06:00am
Pickup at your hotel/hostel in Lima.

06:00am – 10:00am
Direct journey on luxury and spacious bus to Paracas, a beautiful small town by the sea.

10:00am – 12:00pm
2 hour boat tour of the Ballestas Islands.

2:00pm – 4:00pm
Tour of Paracas National Reserve.

Depart from Paracas.

Exclusive tour of the Secret Slave Tunnels in Chincha

6:00pm – 10:30pm
Bus back to Lima. You will be dropped off at your hotel/hostel.

We recommend checking out the itinerary on the tour page to stay up-to-date with all the info!

As you can see, this excursion allows you to see an amazing number of things in only two days. More information on Peru Hop’s Paracas tours and pricing can be found here. Paracas and the surrounding region is one of the most beautiful areas in Peru, and paying a visit is definitely well worth it. Hope to see you soon!

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