Unlike in other countries where the hop on hop off concept is mainly associated with young backpackers, Peru Hop is unique in that we have an amazing mix of people of all ages from around the world.

Many people ask the question: What is the difference between traveling on Peru Hop compared to Public Buses?

Both offer an independent form of travel, as with Peru Hop and our hop on hop off passes, you are in full control of where you go, when you go, and how long for.

However, that’s where the similarities end between Peru Hop and public buses, as we truly believe there are huge differences between them and us, and this is reflected when you read Tripadvisor or other reviews of public bus companies and compare them with our reviews. Below we have tried to summarize some of the various differences between Peru Hop and public buses in Peru:

1. Stops in between to discover hidden gems

Public buses are focused on locals who want to go from A to B as fast as possible.

However, as local Peruvians, we realize many tourists are actually missing out on so many things to see here in Peru so we make some quick stops between stops to discover some hidden gems or try local food at local prices.

2. Onboard local Peruvian English speaking guides:

On a public bus, nobody speaks English and they actually only talk to you to tell you to put on your seatbelt!

On Peru Hop, you have a friendly local guide who will tell you what his/her life was like growing up in Peru with funny stories about the culture and history here. These are things you simply won’t find in any guidebook and are real authentic stories and facts.

As well as this, we BET that you’ll love your guide…they are the friendliest and funniest Peruvians you will ever meet and are why we get such amazing reviews!

3. Hotel/Hostel Pickup & Dropoff

On public buses, you will be forced to find where the terminal of your company is (no central bus station) and take taxis (unlicensed and not insured) to and from there.

The Peru Hop bus picks you up and drops you off wherever you are staying. A good example is Huacachina Oasis. We would pick you up wherever you are staying in Lima, and drop you off at the Oasis. Then, when you are ready to leave Huacachina, we will pick you up and drop you off at the hotel/hostel of your next destination.

On a public bus, you would take a taxi from your hotel to a bus terminal, to check in 45 minutes before departure. After eventually boarding, you would take your bus to Ica (public bus CANNOT access the Oasis). Then you would have to find another taxi from Ica to the Oasis. And when you are leaving the Oasis, you would have to find another taxi to your bus terminal, check in 45 minutes beforehand again, and then board a bus to another destination and take another taxi to your hotel!

Peru Hop is easier, safer and much more convenient, as well as showing you the real Peru along the way!

4. Meeting other travelers on board:

Sitting on a public bus full of Peruvians, you will just sit and look out the window.

On Peru Hop, you will meet interesting people from all over the world and make friends for life. Whether you are traveling as a couple, a family or a solo traveller, we guarantee you will meet great people on our bus which will only add to your whole Peruvian experience.

5. Highest safety standards in Peru:

We at Peru Hop are extremely proud of our safety record. We have brought the best safety standards and practices from Europe to our operation and we are proud that we have transported over 300,000 people safely and securely around Peru. For a full list of our safety procedures and features, you can read more about our buses here.</strong<

Do your research! Read reviews from other travelers on Tripadvisor or other websites about public buses, and you will see that not all buses have the same standards of safety as Peru Hop.

Peru Hop also operates to European standards of punctuality. We run on time 99.1% of the time, and if we are ever a few minutes late, we make sure to call your hotel or hostel to inform them of any delays so you’re always kept up to date.

A local authentic Peruvian experience with European standards of service and security!

6. Customer Service Excellence:

Ever had a problem traveling where you lost or forgot something, or you had a medical emergency, or you had a flight delay or something similar? Now, imagine you are traveling on a public bus where nobody speaks English and they don’t even bother replying to emails!

Peru Hop is famous for our fast and excellent phone and email response, and it is something highlighted in many reviews online. Not only this, but remember at all times you have a Peruvian English speaking guide with you who can lend you their phone or help you with anything at any time.

Hopefully you never have any issue when you travel, but it of course does happen sometimes, and that is where people often see the difference between traveling by themselves (on public buses) compared to traveling on Peru Hop. If something bad does ever happen to you, trust us, you will be extremely thankful you were with Peru Hop and not with a public bus company!

7. No strangers on the bus:

As well as the above, it is worth noting that Peru, like most countries throughout the world, has its fair share of bad people, people who are not afraid to steal from others.

Because tourists are seen as wealthy people with credit cards, laptops etc. they are attractive targets. This makes traveling on local buses a little dangerous and intimidating at times.

With Peru Hop, you are amongst friends on the bus (there is no such thing as a stranger on our bus!) with a guide always taking care of you. Monitored by our GPS, no unscheduled stops will be taken without our consent and regard for your safety, and all your bags and personal belongings will be safe on the bus at all times.

8. Hotel/hostel discounts

Peru Hop has negotiated exclusive deals with hotels and hostels across Peru to bring you discounted prices

After years of building relationships with some of the best hotels and hostels in the business, we are proud to be able to offer our travelers exclusive discounts and offers at each of our Hop Stops.

Perfect for those looking for private rooms or dorms in the best hostels/hotels.

Still not sure if Peru Hop is for you? We recommend you read 10 reasons why we think you should hop with us, or any of the blog posts or Tripadvisor reviews written about us. We are not perfect but you will see that people of all ages have been, in general, extremely happy with our service and it is something that we are very proud of! So, young or old, book a ticket and hop on with us today!

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