Peru Hop offers 2 distinct travel options:

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Peru Hop vs "Doing it Yourself"

Below is a very brief summary of the differences between Peru Hop and Public Buses:

Peru Hop Public Buses
Onboard local Peruvian expert
Free stops at hidden gems
Hotel/Airbnb pickups
Meet other travelers onboard
Wi-Fi on bus *
Avoid bus terminals & taxis
Travel at your own pace
Rating on Tripadvisor 96% 65%

*Wi-Fi Note: Other buses falsely advertise wifi, but it NEVER works. You travel through remote locations where even phone signal is hard to get, nevermind wifi! Peru Hop do not falsely advertise something that simply won't work!

Don't believe us? Find the best local bus company, find their Tripadvisor page, and then read the reviews. Then read Peru Hop reviews. We are far from perfect, but we promise you a much better traveling experience seeing more and paying less!

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