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Visit hidden gems only locals know that NO public buses stop at

See and do as much as possible in shortest time (or hop off and take longer)

Luxury Private Buses EVERY Day for maximum flexibility. No Taxis or Bus Terminals.

Get to know local Peruvians, learn their culture and get insights into life in Peru

Try Local Food, Pay local prices and feel extremely Safe at all times

Meet Other Travelers from across the world on board and make friends for life.

An authentic local Peruvian experience with European standards of safety and service.

What is Peru Hop?


Why travel with us?

Your trip of a lifetime is so important to get right. With years of experience, our team of local experts work to make your trip perfect and unforgettable!

Don’t be a typical tourist, discover the real Peru!

You decide where to start, where to finish and how long you take!


Traveling on Peru Hop compared to "doing it yourself"

There is a myth that Peru Hop is a “touristy” way to travel and that doing it by yourself on local public buses is more “authentic”. But on public buses, you miss out on incredible hidden gems and you do NOT learn about the culture, the people and the history of places you pass by…doesn’t sound so authentic to us!

Peru Hop offers a MUCH more complete experience of Peru. Yes, we give you the huge safety benefits that comes with traveling with a company owned by Irish guys living in Peru. Yes it is a very easy and stress free way to travel. And yes you will travel on a bus of fellow travelers from across the world and not on a bus full of Peruvians going to work.

But we also stop at hidden gems along the way allowing you to see the REAL Peru (things we only discovered living in Peru). We also have a local Peruvian on each bus who will more than likely become great friends with you (see past reviews) and will give you insights into life growing up in Peru that you simply won’t get from any guidebook or blogger.

Below is a very brief summary of the differences between Peru Hop and Public Buses:

Peru Hop Public Buses
Onboard local Peruvian expert
Free stops at hidden gems
Hotel/Airbnb pickups
Meet other travelers onboard
Wi-Fi on bus *
Avoid bus terminals & taxis
Travel at your own pace
Rating on Tripadvisor 96% 65%

*Wi-Fi Note: Other buses falsely advertise wifi, but it NEVER works. You travel through remote locations where even phone signal is hard to get, nevermind wifi! Peru Hop do not falsely advertise something that simply won't work!

Don't believe us? Find the best local bus company, find their Tripadvisor page, and then read the reviews. Then read Peru Hop reviews. We are far from perfect, but we promise you a much better traveling experience seeing more and paying less!

Why Peru Hop Is Perfect For You

As can be seen via customer reviews and photos on Tripadvisor, travel blogs and Instagram, Peru Hop has an amazing mix of travelers, from young backpackers to older families.

Click on any category below to read real customer reviews and see why Peru Hop is your perfect way explore this country.