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Peru Hop vs Public Buses

Many people often ask why should they take Peru Hop instead of doing everything themselves via public buses. With Peru Hop you are in full control of where you go, when you go, and how long for through our stress-free hop-on, hop-off system. And thats just only the beginning, click the button for more info!

Peru Hop vs Fixed Tours

People who have googled “tours of Peru” or something similar then ask why Peru Hop is better than a typical all-inclusive fixed tour of Peru. It’s simple, Peru Hop offers an incredible mix of the benefits of doing things yourself through our unique travel system with the ones you get on a fixed tour!

Why Peru Hop Is Perfect For You

As can be seen via customer reviews and photos on Tripadvisor, travel blogs and Instagram, Peru Hop has an amazing mix of travelers, from young backpackers to older families.

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