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Best Restaurants in Miraflores for all budgets

Check out this list of best restaurants in Miraflores! These are the best places to eat in a country that prides itself on its cuisine.

The food scene in Peru has been gaining international attention lately and many people who visit Peru are very keen to try a lot of Peruvian food while visiting Lima. Miraflores, an upscale district about 10km from the central city, is the mecca of good food in Lima.

There are an incredible amount of options within the district, ranging from traditional to experimental, and from affordable to top-shelf. Here are a few favorites listed below.

Best value for money options:


Found in the heart of Miraflores, SAHA is a day-to-night venue perfect to enjoy everything from an enjoyable lunch to after-office drinks in its lovely 2-floor terrace. Home to unique expressions of classic Peruvian cuisine to a refreshing list of drinks, SAHA has everything you need in a restaurant!

Enjoy some delicious food on a sunny day or come at night with a group of friends to relax. There is something for every taste at SAHA.

Different dishes in SAHA - Lima, Peru

SAHA terrace seen from above


An excellent seafood restaurant located close to the center of Miraflores, Costazul prides itself on using only Peruvian fish and vegetables. This is a delicious and fresh option for anyone who enjoys fish or fruits de mer.

Best Restaurants in Miraflores - Fish dish from Costa Azul


With both traditional and modern dishes, Panchita produces high-quality Peruvian creole cuisine that embodies the culinary spirit of Lima. This restaurant is recommended for anyone who loves traditional Peruvian cooking.

Dish from Panchita - Best restaurants in Miraflores


This old-school Parque Kennedy establishment serves simple classics like soup and sandwiches, plus coffee and drinks. There’s lots of outdoor seating, making for great people watching near the park.

Haiti Restaurant outside seating in Miraflores, Lima

Edo Sushi Bar

Limeños love their sushi and this is one of the best mid-range options to enjoy maki or nigiri in the area. Edo serves traditional sushi options along with a number of their own creative concoctions.

Sushi dish - Edo sushi bar in Miraflores, Lima

Expensive options:


Maido is a prominent example of nikkei cuisine, a delicious blend of Peruvian and Japanese food.

This first class restaurant was recently ranked as the 7th best restaurant in the entire world by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, and is regularly included on other lists of the world’s best fine dining.

Best Restaurants in Miraflores - Maido


The creation of lawyer-turned-chef Rafael Osterling, this restaurant which bears his name is a celebration of Peru’s eclectic culinary landscape, mixing Peruvian, Italian, and Japanese influences.

Best Restaurants in Miraflores - Dish from rafael restaurant

Cheap options:

La Lucha Sanguchería

This is the best place to enjoy a delicious and affordable sandwich in Miraflores. Its location adjacent to Parque Kennedy is always lively and interesting!

La Lucha Sangucheria with working serving food in Lima

Chifa Hong Kong

Chifa, a fusion of Chinese and Peruvian cuisine, is an extremely popular meal all across Peru. Chifa Hong Kong is a great representation of this style of food, and its location on one of the busiest streets in Miraflores is very convenient.

Hong Kong Chifa Restaurant dishes

Of course there are many, many more amazing options for eating in Miraflores, but hopefully the selections above will give you a place to get started. I also recommend trying some of the street food (churros in Parque Kennedy!) or small places serving “menu” for lunch.

There are just so many options! If you’re really interested in tasting some good food in Lima, you should also consider checking out some food tours while in town. Make sure to check out our recent blog about the best hamburgers in Lima as well. Buen provecho!