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The Best Time to Visit Arequipa

Called the White City, Arequipa is one of the most beautiful cities in Peru. Besides being the largest, the city is home to exciting activities, natural wonders, and attractions that you simply can’t miss. Learn everything about the best time to visit Arequipa, tips for travelers, and more!

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While traveling through Peru, Arequipa is the N° 1 destination for most travelers because of its enigmatic colonial architecture, history, culture, and traditions. Among all the things to do in Arequipa the most popular are:

Don’t miss the opportunity of visiting these and more places within the White City and its surroundings. Plan your trip accordingly to the weather conditions in Arequipa and make the most of your trip through Peru.

Weather in Arequipa

Yanahuara Viewpoint Arequipa

Arequipa has a slight variation of monthly rainfall by season. But luckily for us, this region has a predominant dry climate throughout the year except for the rainy season, which takes place between January and March.

  • During the Rainy Season, you can expect heavy rainfall throughout the whole region, make sure to keep this in mind if you’re planning to do activities such as the Colca Canyon trek or White Water Rafting. The temperature range between 18°C and 9°C being this last one the lowest during this season

    Although it tends to rain a lot during this time of the year, Arequipa won’t stop to amuse you with its beauty, some even prefer traveling to Arequipa during the wet season because of the beautiful clouds formations and its impressive scenery, which makes the Historic Center of Arequipa an astonishing visual spectacle even after a slightly rainfall.

  • The Dry Season runs between May and September, for most Arequipa’s visitors, this is the best time of the year to travel to the White City. During this season, expect warm and sunny days, clear skies, and chilly nights.

    Without a doubt, we recommend visiting Arequipa between these months if you’re planning to do many activities in this region. Keep in mind that the high season in Arequipa takes place between July and August.

    The average temperature during the dry season is between 20°C and 7°C. Although it is considered to be the warmest time in Arequipa, you’ll need to be prepared for the cold, especially if you’re planning to visit the Colca Canyon at this time of the year.

Tips For Travelers

Colca Canyon Arequipa

If visiting during the Rainy Season, here are some tips you should take into considerations:

  • First of all, bring a raincoat. As aforementioned, heavy downpour of rain is expected during this season. Therefore, we advise you to keep an umbrella with you all the time, as well as wearing raincoats, and maybe rain boots.
  • Always use sunscreen. Although the skies may be cloudy, we always recommend applying sunscreen every 45-50 minutes to protect your skin from the UV rays.
  • Wrap up! Although this season is not as cold as the dry season, consider bringing warm clothes to prevent getting sick during your stay.
  • If traveling to the Colca Canyon, make sure to find a responsible tour operator since during the rainy season, landslides are very common on the roads.

If you’re planning to visit Arequipa during the Dry Season, follow these recommendations and make the most of your trip:

  • Protect yourself from the sun. The days are warm and sunny so make sure of wearing a sunhat and sunglasses, as well as applying sunscreen every 45-50 minutes to avoid sunburns.
  • Bring warm clothes! Although this season is considered to be the warmest time in Arequipa, make sure to bring enough warm clothes to this trip since the temperatures can change drastically during this season, and during night time it tends to be surprisingly cold.

As a general suggestion, we recommend drinking lots of water to prevent altitude sickness since Arequipa has an altitude of 2,335 meters above sea level. In case of presenting any altitude sickness symptoms, make sure to rest for 2-3 days so your body can acclimate properly.

How to Get to Arequipa?

How to Get to Arequipa

Currently, there are only two ways to get to Arequipa, whether it is by bus or plane, here are some recommendations: