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The Best Way To See The Nazca Lines: Plane or Tower?

The Nazca Lines, a series of massive etchings in the desert sand of southern Peru, are perhaps the country’s best-known landmark other than the world-famous Machu Picchu. Many visitors every year find themselves drawn to these mysterious pre-Colombian works of art. If you’re planning a visit to the lines, you may be wondering what the best way to see them is. The site does have an observation tower to view them from, but how does this compare to a flight passing over them? Continue reading below for a quick comparison.

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Viewing tower

nazca lines viewing tower

Climbing the nearby tower up to the observation deck is best for those travelers who are on a strict budget but don’t want to miss seeing the Nazca lines. If you’re traveling with Peru Hop, a stop at the viewing tower is included for anyone passing through Nazca. If traveling via public buses, you’ll need to get to the tower via taxi (some tour buses may stop at the tower directly) and pay a small fee to enter. The tower is a simple metal structure consisting of four staircases that will get you 13 meters (43 feet) off the ground at the top. This height allows you to see the three of the Nazca figures. The view is good, however, you won’t get to see the full extent of the site from this location.


nazca flight

Buying tickets aboard a small plane is the best option for those who want to see the full extent of the Nazca lines from an aerial vantage point. In general, the flights will take around 30 minutes and bring you above the majority of the site. From this height, you’ll be able to make out the full shapes and appreciate them from the sky (as many believe they were intended to be seen). Cost will generally be from $80-100. We recommend Nazca Airlines, AeroParacas, and Movil Air for cheap and reliable options.


Ultimately, choosing to view the Nazca lines from the viewing tower or from an airplane is a matter of your personal budget. It’s undeniable that viewing the lines from a plane is a superior experience allowing a view of the entire site. It’s strongly recommended to budget some money for a flight if you want to get the best view of the Nazca lines. However, this doesn’t mean that you should skip the site entirely if you need to save money. The observation tower is a decent view which is still worth stopping at on its own.

We hope this information was helpful for you in making your decision about how to best view the Nazca lines. If you’re traveling with Peru Hop, you’ll be able to visit the observation tower for free along the way, or you can include a flight as part of your ticket. Peru Hop is the best way to get around Peru all the way from Lima to Cusco, so we highly recommend utilizing this service.

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