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Discover how to go from Lima to Huaraz

Planning to travel to Huaraz for your upcoming trip? Find out how to go from Lima to Huaraz and do not miss the chance to enjoy the Andes sceneries this year.

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More than 3 kilometers above sea level and with the snowy peaks of the Cordillera Blanca mountains as a background, the small Peruvian city of Huaraz is a paradise for nature lovers. This location allows you to merge with nature, walk among beautiful landscapes, enjoy adventure sports, and explore thermal waters or glaciers. In addition, the local culture and the magnificent native gastronomy are authentic gifts for everyone seeking cultural adventures.

Nowadays, travelers have found in Huaraz an opportunity to explore unique places; increasing the number of visits to the city. However, the big question would be how to get to the city. In this post, we will show you the best way to go to Huaraz without any concern regarding high costs or safeness.

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How to go to Huaraz from Lima?

Most of the time, travelers start their journey in Lima as here is where all international flights arrive. From here, you can spend some days exploring the city before going to your next adventure. Lima is a huge city with lots of things to see and do so take your time and try to visit as much as you can.

Once you feel ready for your next adventure, you can travel to the north of the country to Huaraz. This city is not that far away from Lima that is why many people chose Huaraz as their second destination in Peru. Bear in mind, the high altitude can be quite challenging to handle, however, do not let this ruin your plans. As we described it before, Huaraz is a worth visiting destination full of things to explore. Not to mention the fascinating outdoor activities you can find here, there is no doubt you will fall in love with this place at once.

The city of Huaraz can be reached by air and by bus.

By plane: There is a daily flight from Lima’s “Jorge Chavéz” International Airport to Anta Airport which takes 60 minutes; Anta is located 15 minutes north of the city of Huaraz by car. By the way, from Anta to Huaraz there are many vehicles that provide the transportation service. These flights are offered by the LC Peru Air Company and costs are accessible if you book in advance.

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By bus: This is the most used service, since from Lima, there are a big number of companies that reach Trujillo, Chimbote, Chiclayo, and other cities of Peru. The majority of these buses offer excellent service (you only have to know how to choose well), they offer TV service with DVD, hygienic services, reclining seats, air conditioning, normal seats, semi bed, bus bed, Etc. The cost of these services varies according to the quality.

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  • If you are traveling by bus, we would recommend going at night. Traveling during the night will save you a lot of time and what’s most important you won’t feel the trip. Arrive in Huaraz very early in the morning, gives you time to find accommodation and rest.
  • If you are traveling by plane, take into account the sudden change of attitude you will suffer. We have to mention, most of the people experience some kind of headaches and nauseous but nothing a good rest and a coca tea can’t fix.
  • Before doing any activity, make sure you are fully acclimatized. Some people avoid this step and end up having a bad experience during the trip.
  • Prepare for long walks so bring comfortable clothes. Also, due to the altitude, the nights can big pretty freezing so winter clothes will be ideal.
  • Among the most popular bus companies in Peru: Oltursa, Cruz del Sur, Peru Hop, and Movil bus.