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2024 Update

huacachina-guide-test Brief Summary:

  • Located 4 hours south of Lima, close to the city of Ica.
  • Huacachina is South America’s ONLY natural desert Oasis.
  • Largest sand dunes in South America.
  • Home of the best Dune Buggy and Sandboarding Tours in South America.

Complete Guide to Huacachina

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How to get to huacachina-guide-test

Huacachina is located close to the city of Ica, just 4 hours south of Lima. The small oasis can only be reached by land with the following 2 options for those traveling:

  • Public bus to Ica and then a taxi to Huacachina
  • Peru Hop bus directly to Huacachina

Peru Hop is the only direct bus to Huacachina, with buses going from Lima to Huacachina and Cusco to Huacachina, as well as from Paracas, Nazca, Arequipa, etc., saving you the hassle of taking a taxi with all your bags from and to Ica.

If taking a public bus, you would need to take a bus from Lima to Ica or Cusco to Ica. Once in Ica, you would need to find a local taxi to then take you to the oasis of Huacachina. To leave Huacachina, you would need to do the same.

The Lonely Planet currently states that this is the only way to get to Huacachina, but actually Peru Hop buses have direct entry to the oasis, like previously mentioned, due to having the necessary license.

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Must do in huacachina-guide-test

This tiny village is home to less than 1,000 local people, but every day fresh influxes of travellers arrive to do one of THE must-do activities in Peru… sandboarding down the famous Huacachina dunes! The local guides take travellers on a tour of these dunes on incredibly powerful (and safe!) dune buggies, flying over large humps in what seems to be a never-ending desert of sand. This in itself is awesome, but it gets even better as the travellers have the option to sandboard down some of these huge dunes! This can be exciting as well as nerve racking and often you will end up with a face full of sand but it’s nothing a quick shower won’t fix! Snowboarding is world famous, but sandboarding is thrilling, faster and much much cheaper… an absolute must do for anybody who visits Huacachina.

As well as Huacachina, Ica is also famous for its Pisco and wine vineyards. Pisco is the national drink of Peru, and Ica is often called the home of Pisco. We take you to a Pisco Vineyard tour where you will discover the history of Pisco, see how it is made, as well as getting to try a few samples of this deliciously refreshing drink. Peru is very proud of it’s Pisco and you simply cannot come to Ica without having a few glasses of Pisco!

The incredible view of the sunset from the sand dunes is one you should not miss if you make it to Huacachina. Climb up the dunes on foot or catch the sunset at the end of a dune buggy tour.

huacachina-guide-test Safety Tips

  • Huacachina is very small, try to bring cash with you as there are NO ATM outlets.
  • Bring sunscreen, it is nearly always sunny and hot.
  • Beware of pickpockets and never carry your passport/credit card unless 100% necessary.

If you take a public bus and get off in Ica, be VERY careful about what taxi you take to Huacachina. Many taxis in Ica have been known to take people to hotels that they have deals with, or try to scam tourists in other ways, so take extra care if you do have to take a taxi from Ica to Huacachina.

Where to stay in huacachina-guide-test

Excellent for:

  • Couples
  • Older travelers
  • Families

Why guests love it:

  • Spacious hotel
  • Quality service
  • Food

An airy 3-story, coastal-style hotel that’s modern with a welcoming rustic touch makes this hotel the largest in Nazca.

Central patio, restaurant, bar, breakfast included, ideally located in the city.

Peru Hop deal:

Excellent for:

  • Couples
  • Solo travelers
  • Families

Why guests love it:

  • Sun loungers
  • Chill-out area
Room TypeNormal PricePeru Hop Price
Single46 USD PR42 USD PR
Twin53 USD PR48 USD PR
Queen51 USD PR46 USD PR
Triple64 USD PR56 USD PR
King62 USD PR57 USD PR
PR: per room

Facilities: Private rooms with direct access to the garden. Social & games room, cafeteria, sun loungers, terrace, and mini gym.

Additional: Early Check-in (05:00am) subject to availability: 30 soles per person. Cooking classes. Laundry. Tour desk. Free luggage storage. Exclusive night and gastronomic tours.

Peru Hop Deal: Up to 10% OFF and 5% discount on restaurant (best available rate) for Peru Hop passengers.

Excellent for:

  • Older travelers
  • Families
  • Couples

Why guests love it:

  • Great value
  • Buffet breakfast
PR: per room P/B: private bathroom

Facilities: Private rooms, buffet breakfast included.

Peru Hop Deal: Up to 30% OFF for Peru Hop passengers