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Lima Airport to Miraflores

Our travel experts explore the different ways to get from Lima Airport to Miraflores in 2024. Public Transport, Airport Express Lima, or Taxi? We explore all of the options in detail below.

Quick Tip: If traveling to or from Lima Airport, it is strongly recommended to use the luxury Airport Express Lima bus to get to or from your hotel. Safer and cheaper than a taxi with no baggage limit as well as free Wi-Fi and USB chargers onboard, it is ideal for travelers.

Arriving into Lima’s international airport, Jorge Chávez, can be a daunting prospect (believe me, I’ve been there). For many, this airport is a first point of entry into South America from Europe, Australia, the US or Canada.

The language barrier and unfamiliar currency can make it very difficult to explore your best options to get from Lima Airport to your hotel or hostel in Miraflores, which is the centre of all tourist activity and accommodation in Lima.

What makes matters slightly worse is the fact that Callao, the district where the airport is situated, is probably Lima’s most unsafe area. Needless to say, thousands pass through this airport safely every day.

I’m hopeful that this blog post will outline all the different ways that one can get from Lima Airport to Miraflores – making your research that bit easier and ensuring you get to your accommodation safely!

Public Transport

Unfortunately, there’s no public transport route from Lima Airport to Miraflores safe for foreigners who’ve just stepped off an international flight and are now carrying bundles of luggage. Lima’s public transport system is a complete maze to those new to it and is not equipped for travelers and their baggage.

Lima Airport to Miraflores- Public Transport

An endless journey on a speeding bus or sometimes having to swap from one bus to another, often travelling in cramped, rickety mini-vans known locally as ‘combis’ brings an unnecessary amount of discomfort, extra travel time and unsafety to what can be a quick, cheap & safe journey using different options. Public transport from Lima Airport to Miraflores, a big NO from me, especially given the fact that the Airport is located in Callao, a district famous for its insecurity.

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Airport Express Bus

A relatively new option, Airport Express Lima offers travellers the option to travel from Lima Airport to Miraflores and vice versa in a safe, comfortable and quick way. The buses run every hour and if you have just missed a bus, get on the next bus and enjoy the free-on-board WiFi while you wait! 

airport express lima

The buses are large 40 seater coaches with onboard TVs, toilets and reclining spacious seats. Tickets can be pre-bought online or from inside the airport at an official ticket desk for $8 USD one-way, or $15 round-trip.

Tickets can be purchased in either US Dollars or Peruvian Soles. Luggage storage is vast and secure and all buses have free WiFi which is great because it allows you to message friends and family to tell them you have arrived safely!

They also have an awesome on-board English video guide giving tips about what to do in Lima and how to stay safe around Peru. Check their website because you can often avail of discounts on tours and restaurants simply by showing your Airport Express Ticket!


Up until recently, this was pretty much your only option to get from Lima Airport to Miraflores. The journey takes approximately 45 minutes and there are hundreds of taxis operating this route every day. The only issue is choosing the right taxi


Inside the airport, just after customs, there are 3 taxi companies offering transfers to Miraflores (although taxis are far from your only option) namely Taxi Green, Taxi Direct and Taxi 365. You pay a flat rate (somewhere between 60 and 70 Soles compared to a 20 soles bus) for a taxi but don´t expect any of the drivers to speak English. These are relatively safe options, even though there have been some incidents of drivers taking different routes or forcefully asking for tips.


Why NOT to use UBER at Lima Airport

After many reported incidents of inappropriate behavior by drivers, Uber is not a licensed taxi company in Lima. As a result, Uber drivers are banned from Lima Airport by the local authorities. Uber still allows you to order a taxi, but you will find that they then will cancel when they are trying to enter the Airport (as police will be checking permits etc). You may get lucky, and your Uber may get through, but due to safety concerns and legal issues, it is strongly recommended to NOT use Uber at Lima Airport. Official authorities at Lima Airport recommend the official bus service (Airport Express Lima) or one of the official taxi companies inside Lima Airport (Taxi365 or Taxi Directo).

Otherwise, one can try picking up a taxi from outside international arrivals – but this is no easy task. It is almost impossible to distinguish between official taxi drivers and unofficial taxi drivers, some of whom are intent on robbing you or ripping you off. Other than that, stepping outside the airport grounds and hailing a taxi from the side of the main road in Callao is very much unadvisable.

All in all, Lima’s Jorge Chávez International Airport can be big and scary. Do a bit of research, choose whatever option is best for you, and get from the Airport to Miraflores safely and securely!

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