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Huacachina Weather: When is The Best Time to Go?

Famous for sandboarding, dune buggies and the weather, Huacachina is a little Peruvian slice of paradise. Located a few kilometers outside of the city of Ica and home to some of the biggest sand dunes in all of South America, this little town is the perfect pit-stop on your journey from Lima, or you can take a day trip from the city.

As many people come here for fast-paced sports, it is crucial for your enjoyment to get the right time to go, weather wise. Sliding down sandy slopes is a lot less fun (but still totally worth it), if you have left yourself unprepared for the weather.


The Hot Season- December to April

Just like most of Peru, the hottest time to visit Huacachina is between the months of December and March, with temperatures ranging from around 20° at its coldest, and reaching up to 30° celcius, with an average day sitting around 23°. This weather is ideal if you want to bathe in the sun and enjoy the oasis, partying your nights away at Wild Rover Huacachina (As Huacachina is known for its party atmosphere). If you are going to be sandboarding then its best to wear a t-shirt and shorts- although do not forget your sunscreen and hat to protect you from those desert rays.

The Cooler Weather in Huacachina- May to November

The hot weather is great if you’re planning on chasing the shade for most of the day, although if you’re planning on hiking in the desert then it’s probably more worth your while to go when the average temperature is a little cooler. From May until November the highest temperature you can expect is around 19° (specifically in May, when the weather is still tapering down from the summer) or 18°. During these months it can get as cool as 13°- especially during the night. If you are considering a desert hike, this is the better time to go, as you avoid the unforgiving desert sun. Remember that the sand is much harder to keep balanced on than normal earth, so a normal walk will take much longer than it might in another location. There is also very little shade, so you will be directly in the beat of the sun- make sure to bring plenty of water to avoid getting dehydrated.


The Hottest Month in Huacachina

The hottest month in Huacachina is March, with highs of 30°, and an average temperature of 23°. If you’re traveling in March, be careful to pack clothes for warmer temperatures, and the necessary things for this sort of weather. Huacachina is a perfect place to unwind and have fun, but don’t get sunburnt!

The Coldest Month in Huacachina

The coldest month to visit Huacachina is July, with temperatures dropping to as low as 9° celsius, averaging around 15°. At night, this may drop another few degrees, so make sure that you pack a thick blanket or jumper to sleep in. It is also important to wear a comfy jacket or jumper if you’re sandboarding, as you can reach pretty high speeds and wind chill may affect your enjoyment.


The Rainy Season in Huacachina

Rainy season in Huacachina isn’t too much of a problem. Throughout the year an average of only 7mm of rain falls on this oasis, between January and March. January claims the title of ‘rainiest month’ with a paltry 3mm of rain falling through the whole 31 days. February and March are tied for second place, both with 2mm of water fall. The rest of the year is dry; as can be expected for a town in the desert.

We would recommend that the best time to visit Huacachina (weather-wise at least) would be around December time- depending on the kind of weather that you prefer of course. December weather in Huacachina sits at a low of 19° and a high of 25°.