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7 Breathtaking Lakes in Peru you MUST Visit

Peru has many beautiful lakes, most of them has turquoise and greenish color, you will never see anything like this in your life!

Peru is globally recognized for its beautiful nature and diverse landscapes that leave all travelers amazed. Many hidden gems are filled with magic and await travelers to discover them.

One of the best landscapes that Peru has to offer is the views of its beautiful lakes. Many of them have a turquoise, greenish color that you will never see anything similar in your life. Some of them are easy to get to, some require a bit more time and effort, but in the end, it will be worth it because you will experience one of the best views that nature has to offer. That’s why we have made our top of the most breathtaking lakes in Peru.

Our Top 7 Lakes in Peru:

Keep reading below to discover more details about the best lakes in Peru.

7. Yarinacocha Lagoon

The Peruvian jungle is one of the places where you can experience nature and wildlife up close and in the Ucayali region, you will find this beautiful lagoon. The abundant vegetation around it is worth appreciating. The most enjoyable part of the place is that you can take a boat tour to different areas of the lagoon, such as a zoo where you can have a closer encounter with wildlife. Additionally, there are many restaurants in the area and small shops where you can buy artisanal products.

6. Parón Lake

The Ancash region is a place where you can find a lot of history and culture. However, this city could easily be called ‘the region of lakes’ since near its capital, Huaraz, many lakes and lagoons are becoming the best photo-worthy attractions.

Located at 4200 meters above sea level, Parón Lake is one of the largest in the Cordillera Blanca. The best way to get there is by hiring a tour, which provides round-trip transportation, each leg taking about three hours. When you arrive, you’ll need to take a short hike to get a better view of the entire lagoon and take the best photos with the famous lake sign. On the way to the lake, you’ll stop in the picturesque town of Caraz, famous for its delicious ice creams in various flavors.

5. Salinas Lake

Arequipa region is home to the Aguada Blanca National Reserve, which also features a salt lagoon. This lagoon creates an incredible mirror effect, where you can take the best photos such as the style of Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni. All over the reserve, you can also observe a bunch of animals such as llamas, alpacas, flamingos, and many migratory birds. To explore the area without any issues, we recommend going during the dry season, from April to November. One of the best natural landscapes that Arequipa has for you!

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4. Llanganuco Lakes

Two lakes located in the Huascarán National Park offer their visitors magnificent colors. Chinancocha Lagoon or “male lagoon” has a turquoise green color, and Orconcocha Lagoon or “female lagoon” has a beautiful sky-blue color. There are bunches of “queñual” trees, one of the most cold-resistant on the planet, that stands out in the area. If you take a tour to the lagoon, along the way, you can also visit Yungay, a town devastated by a terrible earthquake and avalanche that destroyed the entire place and is now restored for visitors who want to learn about their incredible history resilience.

llanganuco lake

3. Humantay Lake

Apart from Machu Picchu, Cusco has many hidden gems waiting to be seen. One of them is Humantay Lagoon, located between the Salkantay and Humantay mountains. It is one of the best day trips you can take from Cusco. Unlike other tours in Cusco, it is one of the most affordable you can find, but make sure to acclimate before doing it because a hike lasting around 2 hours, combined with the altitude of 4,200 meters above sea level, can be challenging. In the end, you will be rewarded with a beautiful blue lagoon and a splendid view with the huge mountains behind, showcasing their vast peaks and glaciers.

humantay lake

Travel Tip: For information about tours: how to book and which ones to take, we recommend checking A page to compare prices and operators of different tours in South America.

2. Laguna 69

A true challenge for those who want to see one of the most hidden lakes in Peru. The name Laguna 69 comes from being the 69th lake discovered among the more than 400 lakes in the area. The hike to this lagoon takes about 3 hours uphill and 2 hours downhill, so you must be well-prepared and acclimatized. We recommend bringing your own water, drinking coca tea, and eating light.

laguna 69 in huaraz

1. Lake Titicaca

The world’s highest navigable and most famous lake in Peru takes the number one spot on our list. Lake Titicaca, located in the Puno region, is an immense lake that extends into parts of Bolivian territory. Its famous Floating Islands, made of reeds (including houses and boats), have become a highly popular destination for travelers visiting Peru. You can visit these islands on day tours or two-day tours with a stay with a local family. For those with less time and planning to continue their journey to Cusco, Arequipa or Bolivia, there are also short 2-hour tours available. To book any of these tours, take a look here!

Lake Titicaca facts

Bonus: Huacachina Lagoon

Did you know there is a lagoon in the middle of the desert? The Huacachina Oasis is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations among Peruvians and tourists from around the world. The lagoon originated from the emergence of underground water, and around it, you can appreciate a lot of vegetation. In the small town you will find many restaurants, hotels, and bars for spending the night in the best way. Furthermore, for adventure enthusiasts, you can embark on a tour to the huge dunes for a thrilling buggy ride and adrenaline-packed sandboarding.

If you’re in Lima and want to get to Huacachina, check out our short trips from Lima and immerse yourself in a unique adventure.

pareja frente al oasis de huacachina


Now you know the 7 best lakes in Peru that you must visit, start planning your trip to this beautiful country. Remember that Peru Hop provides the opportunity to explore many of these hidden gems with our ‘Hop-on Hop-off‘ service. If you like our top list, don’t miss out on our list of the best treks you can experience in Peru here.