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Peru SIM: The operator offering prepaid plans for Tourists

If you are thinking of traveling to Peru, or maybe you are already in our country and don’t know how to make calls and stay connected to the Internet during your stay without having to buy expensive cell phone rates, don’t worry anymore! There are SIM cards specially designed for tourists in Peru.

Peru SIM is a virtual mobile operator that offers mobile subscriptions for tourists who come to stay for a short or long time in Peru. Below we will explain more about this operator and how to purchase your prepaid SIM card.

Why buy a SIM card from Peru SIM?

Peru SIM offers plans that go according to the needs of tourists, these have the following benefits:

No contract plans

Forget about expensive postpaid plans, with Peru SIM you pay what you consume, you can change your plan, leave the service and/or come back whenever you want.

Control plans

You don’t have to worry about hidden costs or additional charges that your postpaid plan may generate, you will only use what you buy. After you have finished both your cycle and your megabytes, you will have to recharge it again.


Peru SIM uses the Claro network which is part of América Móvil/Telcel, it has the best coverage in all regions of Peru with 5G, 4.5G, 4G, LTE, 3G.

Bilingual Support

Peru SIM is the only operator for tourists that has bilingual support and sales assistants to advise Spanish and/or English-speaking tourists. Language is no longer an impediment for you to purchase your SIM Card in Peru.

WhatsApp Support Channel

They have a very fast support channel through its WhatsApp channel for tourists, if you have questions or problems with the service, you can contact them directly through this instant messaging network.

How to buy a SIM card in Peru SIM?

There are two ways in which you can purchase your SIM card and your mobile plan:


Visit the tourist mobile plans section of the PeruSIM website, choose the desired plan and pay directly with your card (VISA, Mastercard, Niubiz, American Express and Dinners Club international) and add your requested data.

Once the purchase is completed, an email will be sent to you indicating that the purchase has been completed and that you can go to the point of sale to generate the delivery and activation.

You will be informed of the days and hours of customer service and that’s it! You can pick up your SIM card. Don’t forget to show your identity document with which you made the purchase to be able to make the delivery and activation of the SIM card.

Peru SIM sales advisors will make sure that your new SIM card is functional and enabled with the correct APN. There is no set deadline, so you can go the next day or even hours after you get the purchase confirmation email.

Physical store:

If you are one of those who prefer to buy in person, do not worry, go to the PeruSIM physical store, there you will be provided with information about the plans, the activation does not take more than 10 minutes because they will do it through a mobile application which streamlines the process.

To make the activation you must carry a document that proves your identity, either ID card, PASSPORT, FOREIGNER’S CARD OR NATIONAL IDENTITY CARD (but only from certain countries the last one, usually countries belonging to Mercosur).

Likewise, PeruSIM sales consultants will make sure that your SIM card is ready to be used and with the APN configured.

Where is the physical store located?

At the moment Peru SIM has a physical store located in Parque Kennedy, Av Diagonal 494 Miraflores, Lima, Peru.

They are constantly adding more locations, hence we recommend checking their webpage for the updated map at the bottom of the homepage:

What type of SIM cards does Peru SIM have?

Peru SIM offers Trio SIM Cards, this means that it has all SIM types in one card, so if you need a standard, micro or nano SIM, you can pick the one you need. It will work in any 3G, 4G and 5G unlocked device.

What is the PeruSIM mobile application for?

Download the “MiCuy” app and indicate that you are a tourist to activate the PeruSIM version.

Use it to check your balance, change your plan, add more GB when you need it, cancel your subscription, etc.

So far we have shown you the benefits you get if you buy your SIM card for tourists in PeruSIM, both physically and virtually. We hope this information has helped you!