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Tours for Couples in Peru: Finding What is Perfect for You

Traveling in Peru with a partner can be a lot of fun, especially when you find the perfect adventure for you. Starting from the Parque del Amor in Lima, all the way to the golden walls of Coricancha in Cusco, there’s a lifetime of wonderful sights, all of which are accessible using the unique and exclusive Peru Hop bus. For those traveling with their loved one, finding a tour may be the best way to learn about different attractions and destinations. With its beautiful mountains, lush jungles and gorgeous coastline there are lots of great tours for couples in Peru for all types of travelers!

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Tours for Couples to Do in Peru

Peru Hop. From Lima down the coast and back up to Cusco, there are numerous destinations available to stop and explore.

Cooking Classes for Couples in Peru

What better way to experience a new country and its culture than by taking some local cooking classes together? Taking a cooking class for couples is a great way to experience Peru, whether you do it in Lima, or in Cusco. Everybody loves good food and in a country that boasts some of the best food in Latin America, you will be able to return home and impress your family and friends with your new skills.

Take your partner for a cooking class in Cusco where you’ll visit one of the open markets for fresh ingredients. There you will learn how to make the popular cocktail drink Pisco Sour. You will also have the chance to prepare an appetizer, a main dish, and a vegetarian option.

If you happen to be in Lima you both can choose from a number of different cooking classes. There are classes Peruvian classic dishes, seafood, standard lunch, and even dishes with quinoa. We recommend checking out Luchito’s Peruvian Cooking Class, a unique and fun lesson to learn how to make some delicious dishes. To know how the experience was, here is our blog about the class!

Food Tours for Couples

Few things in life are better than hanging out with the ones you care about and enjoying really good food. This is why food tours are great activities for couples to do. If you are looking for a foodie city, then look no further than Lima, Peru. In Lima, you can find a couple food tours available, one for the day and one tour for the evening. On the day tours, you can experience local organic Peruvian coffee in the morning, a traditional market, as well as some restaurants for lunch. The evening tours, on the other hand, focus on fine dining and authentic Peruvian dishes and cocktails using Pisco.

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Lake Titicaca Tours for Couples

For those who enjoy water sports and water activities, consider taking a tour as a couple to Lake Titicaca. There at the lake, you can embark on a tour of Uros and the floating islands. You have the options of choosing to go on a tour boat with a group of travelers or kayak as a couple. Both options are a great way to see Uros Islands while enjoying some quality time on the water together. If you choose to kayak you also can visit the remote mainland island of Taquile. Lake Titicaca is easily accessible from Cusco or from Lima by using Peru Hop’s bus service.

Rafting Tours for Couples

For people who want a little more excitement on the water than kayaking, you can opt to take a rafting tour as a couple in the White City of Arequipa. Go out and experience the Chili River in Arequipa for an amazing experience. In Chivay, Arequipa, rafting on the Chili River is the number one outdoor activity that locals and tourists alike do in the area. This is a great way to get the heart racing and adrenaline pumping. If you and your partner are more interested in extreme outdoor sports then this might be the Peru tour that you’ve been waiting for. Arequipa is easily accessible using the Peru Hop hop on hop off bus service.

rafting tour in a couple

Quad ATV Tour of Peru

For the adventurous couples that crave lifetime experiences, you may want to consider taking a quad ATV tour as a couple. Enjoy breathtaking views as you ride and explore throughout the Paracas National Reserve, or as you speed through the Sacred Valley. You’ll be able to stop and see many interesting rock formations of the peninsula as well as the popular Yumanque Beach. If you were looking for an exciting tour, these tours have loads of stunning scenery which you can soak up from the quad bike. This really is an experience of a lifetime. You can get to both Paracas and Cusco easily by using Peru Hop’s hop on hop off bus service.

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Machu Picchu

Traveling to visit Machu Picchu is a truly remarkable experience. The only thing that can make a trip like this even better is visiting with your partner. Just getting to Machu Picchu, there are so many different methods and tour options. From hiking, to getting the train, to spending the night on a cliff edge before getting the bus, whatever your heart desires. The method or route that you takes you to Machu Picchu is incredible, and even better if you tour in a couple.

Machu Picchu Trek

If you decide to trek by foot to Machu Picchu you are in for a real adventure. The journey can take anywhere from 3 to 4 days and can include biking, hiking, rafting, and even zip lining in order to reach Machu Picchu. If you want the most adventurous way to get to Machu Picchu, then going by foot is a great experience for outdoorsy couples. From the Salkantay trek to the classic Inca Trail.

Machu Picchu Tour by Bus

Bus tours going to Machu Picchu are great if you don’t have as long of a visit. Machu Picchu tours by bus are available and last about two days and one night. You can sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenic views from the comfort of a seat with your partner. You will get to see more of the many areas that lead up to Machu Picchu along the way. You’ll also both enjoy having private transportation for your pick-up and your drop-off at the end of the tour.

Machu Picchu Tour by Train

Although a tour by train to Machu Picchu also lasts 2 days, if need be there is also a one day train tour of Machu Picchu as well. Typically the 2-day train tours are the way to go when booking tours for couples. You will have ample time to relax and take in some spectacular views from an entirely different perspective that only a train can offer.

Rainbow Mountain

Visit the colored mountain with a private tour which offers an experience like no other. Perfect to travel at your own pace with with personalized attention from a tour guide .

Tours for couples in Peru are a great way to experience this amazing country. You and your other half can (and should!) enjoy as much of this country as you can. The best way to do this is by using the exclusive and unique Peru Hop bus, which is unmatched in convenience, customer service and safety standards. Find out everything that you need to know before planning your perfect Peruvian adventure. Don’t miss out!