What to Pack for Peru

2024 Updated information about what to pack for Peru, what you will certainly need, and what might be best left at home.

In a country as diverse as this one, it can be difficult to know exactly what to pack for Peru. With its regions that offer hugely contrasting and spectacular scenery, temperatures, altitudes, and weather, there are a million things that you could pack for an adventure like this. It is important to note that what you pack for multi-day treks in the highlands is not the same as what you pack for days relaxing on the beach. Likewise, the jungle requires a different kind of equipment to both the coastal region and the highlands. In this guide of what to pack for Peru, you can find the best things to pack for a brief adventure in each place. Each thing will be labeled for the region it is needed in.

Hiking Boots -- All Regions

A good pair of shoes is an absolute must for all travelers who intend on half-day hikes or more, and in a country like Peru, why wouldn’t you? It is strongly recommended that you pack not just hiking boots, but also plenty of thick socks to avoid blisters.

Camera -- All Regions

Peru is a one-of-a-kind country, and there are unforgettable landscapes everywhere you turn. Make sure that you bring your camera to capture it all!

Water Filter and Reusable Bottle -- All Regions

The tap water in Peru is not consumable without first filtering. Do your wallet (and the planet!) a favor, ditch the plastic, and get yourself a reusable water filter for your travels. This is a blessing if you plan to do any hikes, as bottled water along the routes is often extremely expensive!

Battery Pack -- All Regions

Crucial to ensure that you don’t run out of battery halfway through the day, what if you need to use a map on your phone? Or if your camera loses its battery halfway through a tour? Be safe, pack some spare batteries and a battery pack.

Waterproof Jacket -- Highlands / Jungle

The waterproof jacket is a must for those traveling in both the highlands and the jungle of Peru. There are cheap waterproof ponchos available to buy in most places if you forget, but it’s better to come prepared. This isn’t necessary for the coastal region, as the coast of Peru is a desert, and so hardly ever rains.

Toiletries -- All Regions

While there are many many incredible things about Peru, it is unlikely that every bathroom you see will be fully equipped with toilet paper and soap. It’s best to be sure, pack the hand sanitizer and the paper and rest easy knowing that your bathroom visits will be sanitary.

Sunscreen -- All Regions

Even in the highlands where the weather may seem cooler, the high altitude nature of the highlands means that you are more exposed to UV rays. If you are visiting the rainforest or the coast, it is likely that you will be faced with bright sunshine that you will certainly need sunscreen for.

Flashlight -- The Highlands / All Regions

Particularly useful if you plan on staying in a dorm, or doing any multi-day treks or adventures. Torches are completely invaluable for those midnight toilet trips while camping in the mountains and those early morning starts.

Passport -- All Regions

Not only will you need this to get in the country in the first place you will also need it for many things along the way. This is because tourists are taxed differently to Peruvian citizens, so you will need to show your passport in hotels, hostels, on tours, and even long-distance bus journeys.

Insect repellent -- All regions

The key to great traveling is the comfort, and you will quickly lose any feeling of comfort when struggling with the itch of hundreds of mosquito bites. This is a MUST PACK for all travelers, regardless of the activities you want to do.

Warm Clothes That Can Be Layered -- Highlands

The weather in the highlands is unpredictable, and therefore it is far more likely that you will need to change layers as the sun comes out or dips behind a cloud. The highlands are also known to get very cold at night, so make sure to prepare yourself for that.

Light Long-Sleeved Clothes -- Jungle / Coast

The Peruvian sun can be unforgiving, and so it is best to keep covered by a breathable material. In the jungle, this provides the added benefit of insect deterrent. After all, its much harder for insects to get to your skin if it is covered by long, loose clothing. Try to avoid dark colors, as this is more attractive to mosquitos.

While there will undoubtedly be more things on your list of what to pack for Peru, this is a great baseline of what should be in your bag. Make sure that you have a bit of space in your bag for souvenirs that you can pick up on your way around this incredible country!