Beach Resorts in Peru: The Best Options in 2024

2024 Updated Information about the best beach resorts in Peru. Find out everything you need to know about where to stay when you visit Peruvian beaches.

With miles of coastline, millions of travelers enjoy fun and sun at many of the beach resorts in Peru. Although plenty of visitors’ flock to beautiful sites like Machu Picchu, beach resorts in Peru are another great option. With places like Mancora and Paracas, which sits near the Paracas National Reserve, you’re sure to have great experiences as you holiday in Peru. The best way to get around Peru is with Peru Hop, the hop on hop off bus service that takes you everywhere you could want in Peru.

Popular Resorts on the Beaches of Peru

When it comes to the coastline of Peru there is no shortage of great destinations. From the north to south, there is something for everyone to enjoy in the many coastal cities.

Beach Resorts in Mancora

Located along the northeastern coast of Peru is the resort town of Mancora. Mancora is very well known for its beautiful white sandy beaches and even more so for its large waves. Surfers from all over the world flock to this destination to take advantage of the great surfing conditions.

The town has a great nightlife with its many restaurants, cafes, and bars. For those looking to let loose, this beautiful resort town has it all. There are tons of great options for resorts to stay at, like KiChic, Las Arennas, or even DCO Suites, Lounge & Spa.

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The resort KiChic is unique from other beach resorts in the area. At KiChic, the goal is to combine the amenities of a resort and the treatment of a retreat. The mission of the resort is to get you to relax, but also to find tranquility and reconnect with life and nature. It is a very intimate environment with its nine rooms. Each room is unique and has a nature inspired-theme. There are yoga and massage sessions available. They also offer a fish bar and as well as a vegetarian menu. With very simple yet elegant designs, KiChic is a popular getaway for not only tourists, but professionals as well.

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Las Arennas

Las Arennas is another great option for beautiful beach resorts to stay at while visiting Peru. There are a number of different villas available that all have exceptional views of the oceans and gardens. Some of the rooms are even equipped with private oceanfront jacuzzi or pools. Las Arennas both looks and feels very modern with a touch of class and has almost a home or condo-like feel to it. When you’re not eating and enjoying the food at their restaurant or sitting at the bar with a drink, you could be laying out by the pool.

DCO Suites, Lounge & Spa

At DCO Suites, it doesn’t matter if you visit with the family and kids or just with your partner. DCO Suites, Lounge, & Spa offers both spacious Family Rooms and romantic Ocean View Suites to make your trip extra special. Take advantage of all the offered amenities like taking a two-and-a-half-hour-long spa session (which includes champagne!). Getting a full body massage is a great way to relax at a beach resort. If you want to get out and enjoy the coast, the hotel offers packages for horseback riding, snorkeling, surfing, and numerous other outdoor activities.

Beach Resorts in Paracas

The southern coast of Peru has so many great locations and one of them is in the tiny city of Paracas. Aside from the Paracas National Reserve, and the incredible Ballestas Islands there are a number of other attractions in this region as well as great places to stay. If you choose to travel with Peru Hop bus company, you can enjoy great discounts on a number of hotels and hostels. However, if a resort is more your speed, then look no further.

Hotel Paracas

If you are looking for five-star luxury resorts then look no further than the Hotel Paracas. With all the amenities you could ever need, Hotel Paracas has some of the most stunning coastal views in Paracas. You can pick a room that comes with your own private swimming pool. Or if you are looking to get outside visit the beautiful pool. Enjoy international food by stopping by one of their gourmet restaurants. Take in the beautiful views of the bay from the private pier. Even if you’ve just come to relax, you can still have a lot of fun doing it!

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La Hacienda Paracas

Enjoy an unforgettable time by staying at La Hacienda Paracas. This popular beach resort is a great place to relax and to rejuvenate yourself. Featuring a 6,460-square-foot swimming pool that snakes around to different areas connected by bridges. The rooms have stunning views of the bay as well. You can also book a suite that comes with a private jacuzzi that sits in a small terrace. Enjoy authentic Peruvian cuisine at a number of restaurants on the premises. There are a number of cocktail lounges and even a pool bar so you don’t have to leave the water to enjoy a drink. There is also an intriguing slice of Peruvian history to be found beneath these walls… You can find out more on an exclusive Peru Hop tour.

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Doubletree Resort

Sitting in Paracas Bay lies the Double Tree Resort. This well-known beach resort has all the amenities you can think of. It’s perfectly located just a few minutes away from Pisco International Airport, so flying in and getting to the resort is fairly easy. While staying there you can enjoy one of the 124 suites that they offer and take in beautiful views of the bay. Enjoy delicious Peruvian dishes and drinks at the resort restaurants and bars like the traditional Pisco Sour. After you’ve rested, you can check out the Paracas National Reserve, which you can take an exclusive free tour of if you travel with Peru Hop, located just down the street. If you’re into sports they even have a 9-hole golf course. You really can’t go wrong by staying here.

A Different Kind of Beach Resort?

While technically not a beach, but arguably the most fun you will have in this hidden Peruvian gem. Huacachina is a beautiful little oasis found a little way out of the city of Ica. Easiest to get to using Peru Hop’s exclusive hop on hop off bus service, here you can enjoy the highest sand dunes in South America the way that they were intended… By sandboarding down them! You can also enjoy plenty of discounts on some great locations with a Peru Hop wristband.