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The 13 Best Beaches in Peru to Visit

Situated along the Pacific Ocean, Peru is home to an impressive 1550 miles (2500km) of coastline. From tranquil, warm waters with beautiful beach resorts to getting on a surfboard to hit the perfect wave, Peru’s best beaches are as diverse as they come. With the option to party all night long, spend some relaxing time with your family or simply escape the crowds, there’s something for everyone!

Here’s our pick of the 13 best beaches in Peru.


For many Peruvians and locals alike, Mancora is the best beach in Peru. It has it all: delicious seafood, great nightlife and warm weather all year round. Bars, restaurants, party hostels and beach resorts fill up this small beach town, located on the North coast of Peru, with lively energy and amazing experiences day in and day out. It’s the perfect laid-back destination to spend some time, while enjoying one the many activities it has to offer including surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and even horse-riding!

Mancora beach

Punta Sal

Also located in the North of Peru, the warm waters of the soft sandy beach of Punta Sal are a haven for sun worshippers, couples and families. Boasting a variety of resorts and luxurious hotels, Punta Sal is the dream destination for those looking to have a peaceful vacation or a romantic get-away at a sunny paradise. Having less-crowded spots at the beach, it’s a wonderful place to forget all about the world and soak in some sun rays.

Best beaches in Peru - Punta Sal

Miraflores Beaches

Although technically not 1 beach, the beaches in Miraflores are the most popular and easiest to get to in Lima. These beaches combine the best of both worlds: the urban life of a major city with the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean. Venture down and take some surfing lessons, walk the boardwalk with stunning sea-side views, or have a meal in one of the many bars and restaurants overlooking the ocean. What’s best of it all is that you can do all this right in the capital city.

Quick warning, these waters are cold so be prepared before going in!

If you have a few days in Lima, don’t miss these Day Trips located just a few hours from the city.

Miraflores beach


Along the coast of Trujillo lies the lovely Huanchaco beach, a renowned World Surfing Reserve. This surfing/fishing town has a relaxed vibe and some of the best ceviche you’ll try in Peru – the PERFECT combination. Apart from the usual activities, you can ride on the traditional reed rafts, also known as “caballito de totora”, and try your luck fishing. Also, not too far from Huanchaco, you can find the ruins of the largest city of the Pre-Columbian Era in South America, Chan Chan.

Huanchaco Trujillo


Located in Ica, just a few hours from Lima, Wakama is the first natural refuge on the Peruvian coast. Perfect for those looking to disconnect from the outside world, this hidden paradise offers cabins right on the beach with just the necessary commodities. Simply stay there and just enjoy the natural beauty of the ocean, while leaving behind the every-day urban life for some days.

Playa de la Mina

Found in the Paracas National Reserve is the beautiful Playa de la Mina. The reserve is home to hundreds of marine flora and fauna, making it the perfect place for wildlife watching while enjoying a refreshing dip at the sunny beach. It’s easy to get to from the town of Paracas, so make sure to add to your must-visit list when there!

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Playa Roja

Also part of the Paracas National Reserve, Playa Roja is just as wonderful as it’s relative La Mina. Translated to The Red Beach, it gets its name due to its red sand that makes for an unbelievable scene mixed with the contrasting colors that surround it. Although you can’t swim here, it makes for an exciting visit to get some Instagram-worthy pictures of the views or any of the spotted wildlife.

Playa Roja in Paracas National Reserve

Playa Caballeros

Playa Caballeros is located in the Punta Hermosa district in Lima. Known for its extraordinary waves, this spot has become the perfect spot for local and international surf tournaments. The easy-to-get-to location and things to do around the beach attract a large crowd of Limeños, especially during summer, when they rent summer homes for a weekend or a couple of weeks.

Circuito de Playas de Camana

Camana is locally known for hosting magnificent beaches along the coast of Arequipa. Some of the most popular beaches here include La Punta, Quilca, and La Miel. The whole coast has calm waters, making it perfect for a relaxing swim. There are also many activities to do around the area such as trekking, snorkeling, kayaking and more!


Close to the border of Ecuador, just a bit south of Tumbes, is the Playa Zorritos. A small town with sunny days, it’s the perfect resting spot before or after visiting Ecuador. It’s warm, tropical feel and crystal-clear waters, is slowly attracting many local tourists and might make it a more frequented beach in the near future.

Los Organos

An unrivaled, peaceful beach. Los Organos is a quiet beach just 15 minutes away from Mancora, filled with lush palms and stunning sunsets. Here you’ll be able to go snorkeling, where you’ll find many fish and turtles swimming through the warm waters. Mix that with whale watching and surfing lessons, and you’ve got yourself the perfect slow-paced beach experience.


You won’t find a longer left-breaking wave in the world. Literally. Chicama is surfer heaven, where you can find some of the best waves and like mentioned ride the longest wave, sometimes for more than half a mile! And don’t worry, there are boat transports back so that you don’t have to make that journey back all by yourself.

Expect to find great seafood here, with just about everything else you need to have a lovely stay.

Best beaches in Peru - Chicama


Now that you know our top 13 best beaches in Peru, make sure to add some of them into your travel bucket-list to have a full Peruvian experience! There are beaches for all types of travelers, each one offering a unique and unforgettable stay. Just make sure to pack your swimsuit and plenty of sunblock.

If you need any help organizing your trip to Peru simply contact us and we’ll more than likely help you out or simply check out our passes and find your perfect option!