Mancora is probably one of the best travel destinations in Perú. It has warmed beaches all year sunny, bright sand, a spectacular turquoise sea, and unrivaled ambiance.

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about Mancora. How to get there, things to do, the closest beaches to enjoy, and all the features that have made Mancora the favorite bay to go on vacation, rest and party.

Guide Content:

  1. Where is Mancora? – Get to know Peru’s most famous beach town.
  2. How to get to Mancora from Lima? – Compare the options for your transportation.
  3. How is the weather in Mancora? – Details about what to expect from the weather and what to pack.
  4. Beaches guide: short trips – Best shores close to Mancora.
  5. Surf in Mancora – Best points to surfing and some advices.
  6. What to do in Mancora? – Most popular activities according to travelers.
  7. Nightlife – Best places to go for a drink and party.
  8. Where to stay – Compare the best options to accommodation.
  9. What to eat and where? – Typical dishes to taste and places to find them.
  10. What to buy – Get the best souvenirs to take home.
  11. Useful information – Phone numbers and addresses you need to carry with you.
  12. Photo Gallery

Where is Mancora?

Mancora is probably one of the best travel destinations in Peru. It has warm beaches, sunshine all year, white sand, a spectacular turquoise sea, and unrivaled ambiance.

The collision of Humboldt’s oceanic current (cold, traveling from south to north) with El Niño current (hot, moving from north to south) have made Mancora’s waters the perfect combination to practice aquatic sports like surfing and kitesurfing. These currents ensure that the northern coast is much warmer than the Peruvian south coast.

friends in Mancora - piura - perú

Mancora is located in Talara Province, Piura Region, in the north of Peru. In summer the sea is bluish-green, while in winter it is turquoise. The coast is surrounded by sandy mountains and, in the east Tumbes Equatorial Dry Forest can be found.

How to get to Mancora from Lima?

If you want to get to the north from Lima, have some alternatives: get there driving a car, by bus or by plane. Here are the distances and times for each one:

  • To Mancora by car: 17 hours driving through Carretera Panamericana Norte.
  • To Mancora by bus: it is the same distance and route, but it can make more time because the bus stops.
  • To Mancora by plane: the flights take about 1 hour and 40 minutes, and there are three airports: Talara’s airport, Tumbes’ airport, and Piuras airport. From each you will need to get a second transport to Mancora town.

Which is the closest airport to Mancora?

These are the closest airports to Mancora, according to the distance:

  • Talara’s airport:75 km south Mancora – 1 hr. 15 min away.
  • Tumbes’ airport: 105 km north Mancora – 1 hr. 15 min away.
  • Piuras airport: 220 km south Mancora – 2 hr. 15 min away.

The main difference between these airports (besides the distance from Mancora) is the flight frequency from Lima, which is crucial to choosing between the airline options available.

airports distances from Mancora

How to Get From the Airport to Mancora

You have several options according to your budget:

  • Take a taxi (a trusted one): (S/150 – S/200 top)
  • Rent a private van: (S/280)
  • Take a taxi to the private bus station that goes to Mancora. (between S/30 to S/35)

Transport advice

The majority of the hotels will help you with your airport-Mancora journey, by recommending you a trustworthy taxi, or by picking you up at the airport as part of their service.

In Talara’s airport, you can take a cab to the EPPO company bus station in Av. Panamericana 243 or to El Dorado company buses in Av. Sánchez Cerro N° 1119..

Quick tip: if you want to save some cash, you can take your taxi outside of the airport to avoid paying the parking fee.

mototaxis in mancora's main street

The ideal scenario is to pay for a safe taxi, recommended by your hotel. You can also move around in mototaxis, those little units of transportation drive you for S./1 or S./2 to the closest places.

A further recommendation is to change your currency inside the airport, or in authorized places, and use ATMs to get cash.

Almost all the touristic places accept VISA, MasterCard and AMEX but it is always a good idea to have cash and prevent any complications.

How is the Weather in Mancora?

In Mancora it is sunny every day. The average temperature is 26° C up to 45° C in the summer. The temperature fluctuates with the seasons.

  • Summer: (from December to April) there is lightly raining during the night, and when El Niño phenomenon occurs temperatures can reach 50 C°… That’s hot!
    What to wear? Light clothes, sandals, shorts, sunglasses, sunscreen and hats for the day. You should also bring waterproof clothing, sneakers, umbrellas and jackets or windbreakers for the night.
  • Winter: (from June to September) expect fresh nights and cold wind. The minimum temperature drops to to 17 ° C.
    What to wear? Since will be sunny all the time, bring your beach clothes but include some jackets in your bag to protect yourself from the wind, especially at night. Don’t forget sunglasses and insect repellent.
  • Autumn (May to June) and spring (November to December) the temperature remains stable between 19 ° C and 30 C° top. In fact, they rarely drop under 26 ° C.What to wear? All your summer clothes are welcome in these seasons. Sandals, shorts, light shirts and, of course, sunscreen.

Rain alert: from December to April rainfall increases in Piura, especially in the highlands. Take note of this when you plan your trip.


Why is the Northern Coast of Peru Warm?

Humboldt’s current -named after the famous German naturalist- brings the cold water from the deep ocean to the surface, serving all the Peruvian coast. This current moves from south to north.

Just before arriving at the equator, the current turns towards Galapagos Island and meets with the equatorial northern current called El Niño, which is warm with temperatures that reach 30 C°.

This “encounter” make the northern Peruvian waters warmer and an infinite source of world class waves for surfing. There are also many other beautiful and quiet beaches to go with children.

beach in máncora

Mancora Beach Guide: Short Trips

You can stay in Mancora to enjoy its beach, but you can also try different beaches in the Talara province. This brief guide will help you to know what to find in each one:

    • Mancora Beach: Has excellent waves for surfing and windsurfing but its main attraction is the nightlife. Mancora’s nights are well known for being fun and wild, with a lot of options to party in bars and discotheques.
    • Las Pocitas Beach: is closest to Mancora town. It is formed after the tide comes to the shore and leave little pools where kids can play without risk.
    • Playa Vichayito: it has the best of Mancoras sea but the atmosphere is much more relaxed. It has a strong wind from July to August, but the waves are also more calm.

kitesurfing in mancora

    • Los Organos Beach: with a beautiful turquoise sea, and one of the popular beaches among the tourists, Los Organos is excellent for surfing and windsurfing practice. Whale watching tours also depart from its quay.
    • Punta Veleros Beach: has clear water and white sand. This is the quietest spot on the coast to enjoy nature and relax. You can rent an ATV to explore the bay or learn to surf without the pressure of Mancora.
    • El Ñuro Beach: On this beach you can swim with giant sea turtles. This unforgettable experience is one of the best that you can get in your travel around the north of Peru. Between July and October is whale watching season. Totally worth seeing.

turtle in mancora's sea

  • Cabo Blanco Beach: this is the point where the Humboldt current and El Niño current collide, creating the incredible waves for surfing.
  • Lobitos Beach: if you love water/wind sports, this is the place for you. The water is a little bit colder than other beaches up to the north because it’s the Humboldt current territory, but its waves are incredible.

beaches guide - mancora

Surfing in Mancora

Peru is a global hotspot for surfing. Each year 150 thousand people come to Peru just to surf. Most of these people choose the north.

The Peruvian coast extends for almost 3 thousand kilometers and it’s home for high-quality waves. The Mancora’s “crecidas” (sea floods) are ideal to surf between October and March.

surf in mancora

Here are some of the best beaches to surf in the North of Peru:

  • Mancora: Its waves are perfect for beginners. Reach an average altitude of one and a half meters. It is the ideal beach for surfers and kite surfers alike.
  • Los Organos: Has waves to learn to surf in Punta Veleros. The most advanced surfers can practice in La Vuelta. Nevertheless, this beach can be affected by northern sea floods, so the reef could be dangerous. Check before heading over.
  • Cabo Blanco: Its left beach has been globally recognized for having one of the most perfect tubes in the world. The beach has both sides Panic Point (perfect for the winter surf) and Cabo Blanco (for summer surfing)
  • Lobitos: Has 4 world class surf spots. It’s an ideal place to kite surf and windsurf because of its harsh winds.

Tips for surfers

Despite the fact that in the north the water temperature is warmer than in the south, it’s recommended using 2/2 wetsuit for summer, and a 3/2 one for winter.

When it comes to the south Peruvian coast is better to use a 4/3 suite to explore their waves in the coldest months.

surf in máncora

What to do in Mancora?

When it comes to things to do in Mancora the options are endless. Here are some of the favorite tourist activities for your beach vacation in the north of Peru.

    • Surfing: Whether you’re an expert or an amateur, it doesn’t matter. Mancora has everything for surfing enthusiasts of all levels. You’ll find enormous and challenging waves, but also surfer schools to start from beginners.
    • Canopy: If you like extreme sports and you can keep yourself away from the beach, this is a great option for you. Coordinate a day trip to Ecofundo La Caprichosa, about 30 minutes from Mancora, and slide through a 1600 meters canopy cable. Also, you can visit the bird watching spot to sight white hawks and woodpeckers.
    • Whale watching: From the last days of July until the end of October you can take a tour offshore and see the humpback whales, who come to this area every year to give birth.
    • Horse riding: the undeniably best way to see a sunset is on horseback from the northern beaches of Peru- The incredible sight is 10 times more exciting because ocean creatures regularly show themselves right before sundown.

horse riding in seashore in mancora

    • Scuba diving: the sea over the waves is one of a kind, but under the sea is a whole new world. Explore some of the diversity of the planet with help from the oceanic currents. Be sure to dive with certified instructors to help you.
    • Swimming with turtles: one of the best tours that you can take. If you’re staying at Mancora’s town, it will take you 3 hours sailing to the turtles’ protected area in El Ñuro where you can swim with them.Remember: do not touch the turtles!

turtles in mancora

  • Jet ski: you can rent these to explore offshore and capture a different perspective for the coast while living the adrenaline of water-driving as fast as you can.
  • Go to Punta Sal: a seacoast placed 30 km away from Mancora is beautiful and also less touristy. That means you could pass the day in complete peace. You can rent a bike or grab a taxi to get there.
  • Mangroves Tour: 2 hours away from Mancora is the National Mangroves Sanctuary of Tumbes, a protected area of 2.972 hectares and the typical fauna from this ecosystem, including the famous Tumbes’ crocodile, an endangered species.

friends playing futbol in mancora

Nightlife in Mancora

Mancora is famous for being fun and wild. Is the favorite spot for Peruvians and tourists because of the excellent parties and a safe beach scene.

You can meet new people and enjoy all the fun of the beach with a classic “Mancoreña” nights. We recommend the party in these places:

party in mancora - wild rover hostel

  • Wild Rover Hostel: with the only Irish bar in town, completed with great cocktails and the very best of the local scene. It has pool parties with invited DJs and live music are famous not just in Mancora, but in all of Peru.
  • Loki del Mar: every night is party in this backpacker hostel. If you want to have a nice time, have fun and meet people, this is a great place to go.
  • Wiracocha Surf Restobar: if being barefoot on the beach with a Pisco Sour is what you need to be reconciled with the world… this is your place. The party blazes on after the sunset.

In Mancora, the party continues in the streets, so it’s easy to find where to have fun.

Quick tip: for the next morning hangover, there is nothing better than coconut water or cocada.

Where to stay in Mancora

There are many different types of accommodation to choose from in Mancora, and for almost every budget. Take into consideration that the cheapest options aren’t synonyms of “good service.”

If you don’t want to have a bad experience with your accommodation, it’s best to do some research to find out where to stay in Mancora.

Here are some good options:

Stay in a Hotel:

Because it is a tourist place, the accommodation options are seemingly endless. From those along the seashore, to those in town; luxurious or simple, hotel boutique, resort or backpacking hostels, simply choose what kind suits you and your needs.

Quick tip: check the hotels’ online profiles, reviews, and scores. Most of them offer an American breakfast.

Be sure to ask if the hotel has air conditioning, private bathroom, wifi, and a view of the sea.

We recommend:

    • Wild Rover Máncora (Av. Playa El Amor 121): comfortable beds and great vibes. Experience the best party in town in their Irish bar (complete with pool) by the pool, and taste the food from its international restaurant.

Address: Av. Playa El Amor 121, Máncora
Phone: +51 996206525

pool in wild rover hostel mancora

    • Hotel Loki del Mar (Av Piura 262): A hostel with a pool and bar, a nice ambiance and a great spot to meet new people and light up the party.

Address: Av. Piura 262, Máncora
Phone: +51 73 258484

hotel en máncora

    • Arennas Hotel Máncora (Antigua Panamericana Norte km 1213) If you like a little more of luxury and comfort, this hotel offers you peace and romance at the same time.

Address: Playa Las Pocitas, Vichayito – Máncora.
Phone: +51 73 283800

hotel en máncora

Rent a beach house

This is a perfect option if you’re traveling in a group. In Mancora there are a lot of homes available for temporary rent. These houses are located in front of the beach and have all the facilities you need for your vacation, including kitchen appliances and cookware.

The prices change depending on the property, but when you split the amount among a group it can be very affordable. Be sure to make the rental deal with someone trustworthy.

woman in pool in wild rover hostel mancora

What Do You Need to Know About the Service in Mancora?

Some of the tourists have complained about the slow service in some places in Mancora.

The first thing you need to know is “cheap” rarely means “good.” However, you can easily find excellent service options according to your budget. Let the recommendations and reference online being your guide.

Usually, 10% of tips are not included. Also, you can tip according to the quality of service. Remember to support local tourist entrepreneurs who are doing a good job.

What to eat and where?

The food in the north of Peru shines for its fresh ingredients and terrific flavors. With such biodiversity from the sea in front, it couldn’t be any other way. Fish and seafood are the specialties you should definitely try.


    • Traditional ceviche: With fresh raw fish and lemon juice.
    • Traditional “secos” like “seco al chabelo” (dry meat stew with plantains) or “seco de cabrito” (baby goats meat stew with beans). This plate is macerated with chicha de Jora and vinegar.
    • Parihuela: delicious soup, traditional to the Peruvian coast. It includes seafood, fish, lobster or crab, and aji peppers.
    • Plantain Causa: take the mashed potatoes from the traditional causa and change it to plantain. That’s it!
    • Black shell ceviche: It is made of the best shellfish from Tumbes’ mangroves..

Black shells cevich

    • Chinguirito: Is believed to be a dish derived from the traditional ceviche but made with swordfish, or a drink. Both of them have the same name.
    • Grosella Macerated: Is a traditional liquor made of the same red berry with a bittersweet taste.
    • Antecoco: delicious custard made of coconut water, fresh coconut, milk, sugar, and cornflour or rice flour.
    • Dulce de guineo: a dessert made of “silk” plantain (plátano de seda) and oranges. Delicious!
    • Dulce de pechiche: “peniche” is a fruit that looks like cherries but black. The dessert is made boiling the fruit, adding cloves, cinnamon, and chancaca (unrefined sugar syrup).
    • Chifles from Piura: plantains or sweet potatoes chips to eat ceviche with, or eat them like snacks. In Piura -the department where Mancora is located- chifles are famous for their smoked taste.

chifles chips de plátano con sal

  • Majado de yuca with fried pork: Boiled and mashed cassava mixed with Peruvian ají and a portion of chicharrón (fried pork).
  • Custard: with goat milk, chancaca, and rice flour.

Where to eat in Mancora?

What to buy in Mancora?

Crafts from Catacaos

Three hours from Mancora is Catacaos town. The place is famous for its national and internationally recognized artisan crafts. In fact, it has been named the Peruvian Craft Capital.

It is worth going there and buying some uniques pieces, particularly the leather or gold and silver filigree. This jewelry is well known for its quality and delicacy. You can also can buy wood pieces, hats and textiles as souvenirs.

leather hats and bags

Chifles from Piura

An original souvenir is chifles from Piura. If you can’t carry with these fried plantains chips to your country, at least you can stock up for the rest of your trip. They are delicious!

chifles to sell

Useful Information About Mancora

Some telephone numbers you may need:

Local Government

  • Mancora’s Police Station: +51 73 258414 / +51 968892000 / 968892100 / 969553757 / 969553734
  • Mancora’s Municipality: +51 73 258061

Health & Hospital

  • San Pedro Apostol Clinic: +51 73 258513
    Calle Grau 636


  • Banco de la Nación
    Av. Piura N° 525 -527
  • Western Union
    Calle Grau N° 316


  • Banco de Crédito
    Auxiliar Panamericana Nte. 1672
  • Global Net
    Auxiliar Panamericana Nte. 1672
  • Scotiabank
    Auxiliar Panamericana Nte. 704