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Family Tours to Peru: Why Peru Hop is the Best Option

2024 Updated Information about family tours to Peru, from hidden discounts to unbelievable activities that everyone will love!

While there are plenty of different family tours to Peru, a completely organised tour of Peru is not the only way to make your holiday unforgettable. In fact, often, it’s not even the best way! When it comes to planning the perfect family vacation to Peru you have to consider several things. Inevitably when traveling with a family, costs will be higher. You will find yourself asking which budget is best to cut: accommodation, activities or transport? How will you navigate hours and hours of buses in Peru with young kids? How difficult will it be to organize this so that you get to enjoy your time as well, not just looking after the kids?

Quick Tip: The best way for families to travel in Peru is with Peru Hop’s flexible hop on hop off service. Visit all of Peru’s main attractions and catch some incredible hidden gems along the way like like the incredible desert oasis of Huacachina and the Nazca Lines viewing tower.

With Peru Hop you can rest easy on all of these matters. We know that long journeys can get difficult for little people, who get restless and bored. Because of this we have included plenty of free extra stops, all of which are completely exclusive to Peru Hop. There’s no need to worry about 8 hour journeys and the fidgeting that comes with it, as you will be distracted by visiting the secret underground slave tunnels of Chincha, or a tour of a Pisco Vineyard, which is great fun for the kids, and with free samples up for grabs (to those over the age of 18) great fun for the grown ups too! This coupled with on screen entertainment means that the chances of your little ones getting frustrated with the bus ride is minimal.

kids enjoying family tours to peru

When it comes to keeping on budget, Peru Hop has you covered. With children under two who are happy to share seats with mum or dad riding for free, and children under the age of 10 scooping almost 30% worth of discount, you can sit back and enjoy the ride. Once you get there, you’ll be thrilled to find out that we also offer some great discounts in hotels and hostels to suit every budget. Another hidden benefit is that we drop off to the door of your hotel, and we pick you up from there too! This saves all the money, stress and time of taxi traveling with a family (ESPECIALLY great if you have more than two kids, and suitcases).

When planning different family tours to Peru, there’s a few more hidden factors to consider. Altitude sickness can affect everyone, young and old, but particularly youngsters. You need to be careful while introducing them to the heights of the Andes. The best way to do this is widely agreed to be pacing the speed in which you gain elevation. This may sound a little intimidating, but it’s easy. Get a bus, take altitude sickness pills BEFORE you start to feel the effects of the altitude, drink lots of water, and sleep. Peru Hop is easily the most considerate bus company when it comes to this. Why? Because we’re the only bus company specifically geared towards ensuring that you get the very best out of your trip to Peru. Other bus companies have different focus, and so are less accommodating to the needs of you and your family.

Another thing that sets us apart from other bus companies in Peru, and frankly, other family tours of Peru, is our no-nonsense approach to safety. We work incredibly hard to ensure that nothing goes wrong, and we are proud to say in our six years of service, we have never had an accident or any other preventable incident. This is because our buses are monitored 24/7 by GPS, and constantly observed from HQ to ensure that you avoid making unauthorized stops, you only travel the safest roads, and that our drivers change every five hours, minimizing the risk of anything bad happening. There is also the added benefit of our guides working hard to make sure everyone on the bus knows each other. You’re much less likely to experience petty theft (as is common on public buses in Peru) on the bus when everyone knows each other. Welcome to the Peru Hop family, where everyone looks out for each other!

There’s no argument, there is a world of things to see in the lands of Peru. To put it simply, with or without kids, you are not going to see it all. 2 weeks or 20 years, you’re simply not going to see it all. Our advice? Don’t try. When considering your family tours to Peru, just start with the must sees. Peru Hop helps make that easy for you, and it helps you to be flexible. You can buy nearly all the tours that you want on the bus, so you can be flexible. The little one has a headache but the eldest desperately wants to see sea lions and penguins on the Ballestas Islands? No problem at all. You can decide up to half an hour before the trip.

mum and llama enjoying their family tours to peru

Another friendly benefit is the fact that there are very few times that you will be struggling with language. Yes, it’s nice to practice Peruvian Spanish (quite different to the Spanish spoken in Spain!), but when you’re trying to tell someone where you need to go and the kids are tired, you just want to be able to communicate effectively. Our trained bilingual guides are there to help you every step of the way. From calling you a taxi, to double checking you’ve all got your seatbelts to being there to give you tips on your linguistics, all our guides are local and will keep your kids entertained, as well as helping you get to know more about Peru and its culture. In fact, they are regularly highlighted in reviews, saying that they helped to make our guests holidays unforgettable.

When you think about Peru, you think of Machu Picchu, probably Lake Titicaca, and maybe even the Nazca Lines. The history is so rich and varied in Peru it is almost unbelievable. We visit all of these unmissable places, and more. Make sure that when you do your family tour Peru, you see the best bits. From the only desert oasis in Peru, Huacachina, to the incredible White City of Arequipa there is so much more to discover than Machu Picchu. Make the most of your family tour to Peru and use Peru Hop to get everywhere efficiently, safely, and on budget.