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Best Bars in Lima, Peru in 2023

Make the most of the lively nightlife in Lima, Peru!

Though Lima is known for its delicious cuisine, the nightlife here is equally renowned. Filled with bars, the options are endless for those looking to dance and enjoy the night in the capital city. Here’s our list of the best bars in Lima, Peru!


Currently ranked 88th on The World’s 50 Best Bars 2021 list, Carnaval Bar, founded by the talented Aaron Diaz, is a place like no other. Describing themselves as ‘disruptive in their creations’, the Carnaval team blends their bartending passion with the owner’s traveling experiences to bring us an experience full of magic and art. Always thinking outside the box, from service to drinks and dishes, the creations of Carnaval will have you posting more than one Instagram story.

Carnaval Bar

Saha Terraza Cocktail Bar

Situated in the heart of Miraflores is the modern, innovative and lively Saha Terraza Cocktail Bar. It’s hard to say what’s most to like about this rooftop which has become one of the most popular bars this year, both during the week and at weekends –it could be the refreshing drinks list, delicious food, or the trendy 2-floor rooftop bar with great music. Make sure to make a reservation before, as it does fill up every day. When there, we recommend the Pisco Punch with a Saha Fest appetizer to start the night!

Saha Terraza Cocktail Bar


Ayahuasca, the colonial mansion turned-bar, is a must-visit in the bohemian Barranco. Each of the many uniquely decorated rooms on both floors offers visitors a glimpse at some of the history of Peru. With an extensive menu of pisco beverages, mixed in with other cocktails and dishes, the bar offers great vibes and a special night out.

P.S. make sure to not get lost when going to use the restroom… it’s happened more times than I’d like to admit.

Ayahuasca Bar

Gran Hotel Bolivar

If you’re looking for the best pisco sours, Gran Hotel Bolivar is the place to go. Once serving the likes of Walt Disney, Ernest Hemingway, Orson Welles and Nat King Cole, this historic hotel has served the finest pisco since 1924. From the outside, the old-school charm of the hotel beautifully contrasts with the ever-modernizing Lima. Make sure to ask for the Pisco Cathedral, a massive cocktail made with 150 ml (5 oz) of pisco!

Gran Hotel Bolivar

Estadio F.C.

Calling all soccer (football) junkies out there! Located in the Historic Center of Lima, Estadio F.C. is a soccer-themed bar inside a historic colonial-style house. Each of its walls is filled with original memorabilia such as jerseys, flags, photos, posters, and anything related to the beautiful sport. Drinks are varied, and the local Peruvian dishes are to die for. Put on your team’s jersey and head to Estadio F.C. Oh, and don’t forget to tell your friends and family back home that you had drinks next to Pele and other stars.

Estadio F.C. bar

DaDa Bar

Art movement made experience. DaDa Bar’s concept comes from Dadaism, an artistic movement that beautifully mixes rational with irrational in different types of collages. Recently moved to an even bigger colonial mansion in Barranco, the bar is home to tasty drinks and food, art galleries, and live shows, which come together for a unique night.

DaDa Bar

Barranco Beer Company

Since centuries ago, it’s been proven that one can never go wrong with a beer. Barranco Beer Company, as the name suggests, serves in-house brewed craft beers in Barranco. There are a variety of beers at your disposal and tasty food to add to your order. Learn a bit of the craft while you sip a nice, cold beer.

Barranco Beer Company

Baraunda Bar

Baraunda Bar has an entertaining concept: drinks, food, and board/card games all combined into one place. With an infinite amount of games to choose from, it’s the perfect spot to go with some friends for a relaxed evening. They also host special events with cash prizes for the winners.


The capital city definitely has an exciting nightlife and it only keeps getting bigger. Now that you’ve found the best bars in Lima, Peru, it’s up to you to decide which one (or ones) to head over to. And to continue onwards to the other destinations in Peru, make sure to check out our hop-on, hop-off passes!