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5 Peruvian Dishes You Need to Try

Peruvian food is among some of the most tasty in all of the world! Discover 5 Peruvian dishes that you need to try before you die!

We would like to thank our guestblogger Scott Schilbe for sharing this blog with us.

Over the years Peruvian cuisine has grown to become one of the finest in the world. The mix of spices, as well as some cultural mixes in the food, makes it a very interesting style of food. Some foods may be considered rare for other countries but in Peru they are considered delicacies. Here is a list of five Peruvian dishes that you must try.

1. Ceviche

Peru, especially on the coast and in the jungle, is known for its seafood, and this is probably the most famous of the Peruvian dishes. Ceviche can either be normal or you can get what is called ‘’Ceviche Mixto’’ which is a mixture of different seafood. Ceviche is raw fish or seafood that is served in a mixture of lime juice, red onion and hot pepper. It can be served as a main dish or as entre. It is one of the most popular dishes in Peru and is one Peruvian dish you must try before you die.

2. Cuy

Peruvian dishes- cuy

This dish is considered a delicacy in Peru and is one of the more interesting dishes. Cuy is the Peruvian word for Guinea Pig. This may seem like a strange dish but it is definitely a must try Peruvian dish. Normally Cuy is barbequed and served whole including the head. The meat is fairly chewy and gamy. Although there is not much meat on the bones it is certainly a Peruvian dish worth trying.

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3. Papa a la huancaina

peruvian dishes papa huancaina

Papa a la Huancaina is usually a served as a side dish but is one of the more popular dishes among Peruvians. This dish consists of boiled potatoes cut up, boiled eggs, black olives and all topped off with a creamy yellow sauce that is made from cheese, yellow spice, and milk and saltine crackers.

4. Lomo saltado

peruvian dishes

This is one of the more common dishes that you can find in almost all Peruvian restaurants and it is delicious. Lomo Saltado is a Peruvian style beef stir fry. Thick cut strips of beef, onion, tomatoes and hot peppers are all stir fried together and served with rice and French fries. This makes for a great dish of flavor and when topped with a bit of Peruvian hot sauce and mayonnaise the taste is incredible.

5. Anticucho

peruvian dishes anticuchos(2)

This dish is slightly different as it is more commonly served as a street food but it is still one of the more delicious foods to try. Anticuchos are skewers of beef served with potato, onion and tomato. The beef is cooked slowly over burning coals and it can be beef, alpaca or pig meat. This is one of the more tasty foods that is served on the streets!!

Peru is famous for its cuisine and is still becoming more popular. With these five foods you cannot go wrong when it comes to trying Peruvian cuisine. These foods demonstrate the different styles of food that are served in Peru!