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Introducing Ecuador Hop: The New Bus Service In Ecuador

The reliability of Peru Hop has been proven again and again, and we are proud to announce the entrance of Ecuador Hop. Time after time our guides are asked the best way to get around in Ecuador once travelers leave Peru and continue on in their journey. It is true that once you figure out the best way to get around the country, Ecuador has a wealth of beautiful and unique wildlife and plant life to explore, as well as plenty of other great things to do.


Ecuador Hop On Hop Off Bus

By allowing travelers to create their own journey in a safe and reliable environment, Ecuador Hop gives you the freedom and the stability that you are looking for while traveling in South America. Expect the same level of comfort and service as in the Peru Hop buses, with USB ports in the seats for charging your electronics, to on board guides who share everything they know about the places you pass and the areas you stop at… Even the best places to eat, and the best places to stay.


By offering you help in planning for your travel, our guides have every corner of Ecuador covered. From the must-do Galapagos islands to exploring the magnificent Amazon Rainforest, Our guides know every inch of their country, and are proud to share it with you to ensure that you leave with the best possible memories of this little slice of paradise.

Extra Stops and Tours Included With Ecuador Hop

With unique stops along the way and free stops included in the price of the pass, like Quilotoa (a stunning green lagoon in a volcano), Cotopaxi (the largest active volcano in Ecuador) and more. Ecuador Hop ticks off the bucket-list for the off-the-beaten track travel hunter as well as hitting all the major tourist spots, like Montañita (Ecuador’s number one beach party destination), Guayaquil and, for the adrenaline junkies, Baños.


By taking advantage of the accommodation discounts (exclusive only to pass holders), free stops, tours, even the on board guide- a completely unique feature to Ecuador hop- there is no other option that comes close to the bar that we have set. You will find yourself meeting like-minded travelers on the buses, so even off the bus you will stay safe with your Hop family. And the most important factor of all. Ecuador Hop will make sure that you make the most of the beautiful paradise that is Ecuador.