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2 Weeks in Peru… Your Perfect Itinerary!

If you have a choice of spending two weeks somewhere, consider spending those 2 weeks in Peru. There are no shortages of activities to help you relax and feel rejuvenated, get your heart racing, or fill your brain with information. Two weeks in Peru may seem long, but with all the incredible activities available, you are more than likely to find yourself short on time.

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Spending 2 Weeks In Peru, South America

In Peru, there is just about anything you can think of for activities. There are gorgeous beaches, majestic mountains, and tropical jungles, but more than that, Peru also has a great nightlife. You’re going to find that there is a lot to see, as well as things you’ll want to experience. Although you only have two weeks you can still see and experience the country in a fun and relaxing manner. Aside from finding somewhere to stay, getting around Peru is another concern. The absolute best way to get around Peru to the places you wanna see is by using the bus service Peru Hop.

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Getting Around For 2 Weeks

Peru Hop is a safe, reliable, and popular mode of transportation for many visitors to the country. If you need to get around in the country of Peru, Peru Hop offers a number of different passes. One pass that they offer that is great for a two-week trip is the Full South to Cusco Pass. Starting from Lima, Peru Hop has buses that run seven days a week to Cusco and everywhere in between. There are plenty of other passes to choose from if this doesn’t sound like your thing. It is not advised to drive in Peru due to the road conditions.

Your Itinerary For Peru

Read on for our suggested 2 week itinerary for your perfect Peruvian adventure! From the coast to the highlands, we make sure that you see everything that makes Peru, Peru. From the modern capital to the Inca capital, with must see locations, off the beaten track places and free tours along the way, you can rest easy with Peru Hop that you will be seeing everything that you need to.

Day 1: Lima (3 days / 3 nights)

For your time in Peru, you should consider starting out in Lima. You can fly into Jorge Chavez International Airport, which is just outside the city and has shuttles available direct to Lima. The earlier you arrive in Lima, the more time you have to really explore and take in the city and sights. As it gets later, Lima has a thriving nightlife that you can take advantage of prior to starting your Peru exploration the next day.

Be part of a fun and unique cooking class to learn how to make some of Peru’s most traditional dishes. You can grab a drink or some food and experience the nightlife at Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is a really popular and unique mansion that has been turned into a bar and a great place to grab a nightcap. Be sure not to have too much fun though, you have an early morning start for the rest of your trip through Peru. There is plenty to explore through Lima, so make sure that you leave enough time for it all!

Day 4: Paracas (1 day / 1 night)

After a good night’s rest, you’ll start your day being picked up from your hotel/hostel between 6:30 and 7:00 am to start heading towards Paracas. Before arriving in Paracas you’ll stop for breakfast before continuing on. Along the way, you can enjoy a few complimentary tours (only with Peru Hop) like of the Secret Slave Tunnels.

In Paracas, once you arrive you can explore around the city. There are a number of great places to dine at or to grab a bite to eat and relax. You can also take advantage of some of the amazing tours that are offered in this region. You can spend the day experiencing the Ballestas Islands and the Paracas National Reserve. The reserve is often referred to as the “Poor-man’s Galapagos” and around the islands, you’ll see thousands of penguins and sea lions. While on the next day you can spend it taking the Pisco Vineyard tour. On the tour, you will be able to explore one of places where Peru’s national drink is made… there are even free samples!

Day 5: Huacachina (1 night)

After three days in Paracas, you’ll take a bus for a short hour and a half ride to Huacachina. This desert oasis is unique and the only one in South America. You’ll be able to take part in sand-boarding and going for dune buggy rides, which are highly entertaining, or hiking to the top of a sand dune. That night you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors even more with the cooler temperatures.

Day 6: Nazca & Arequipa (3 days / 3 nights)

The next morning as you head towards Arequipa. You’ll also get to see and take some amazing pictures of the famous Nazca lines from a viewing tower. Once you arrive in Arequipa you have plenty of time to experience the “white city” by staying an extra two days.

After spending the first-day learning and exploring the city, you can spend time on one of the numerous treks available, such as the Colca Canyon Tour or visiting the Arequipa Cathedral. Arequipa has a great nightlife and plenty of history and culture to satisfy anyone.

Day 9: Puno (1 night)

After a great visit to Arequipa, you take the bus to your next stop at Puno. Enjoy visiting the highest navigable lake in the world during your two weeks in Peru, Lake Titicaca. In Puno, once you arrive at the lake, you can enjoy some leisure time or even something more adventurous like kayaking. Staying one night is plenty of time to relax and even take a tour of the Uros floating islands, Isla Taquile, or Isla Amantani in the lake. You can even do a homestay on one of the islands for a truly immersive Peruvian experience.

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Day 10: Cusco (5 days / 4 nights)

After a night in Puno, you depart towards your final destination for the two weeks in Peru, Cusco. Once you arrive there are numerous activities, tours, and treks available, all to some amazing locations. You can plan to explore Machu Picchu to view one of the incredible Inca cities. You can walk the Sacred Valley, take on the Salkantay trek or go on a full-day Rainbow Mountain tour. Other options for activities include white water rafting, horseback riding, and quad biking, just to name a few. Whatever you decide to do in Cusco, you will never forget it!

In Cusco, there is so much to experience, from the history and culture to the food and the beautiful landscape. Full of fascinating structures, natural and manmade, you can also take time to explore the Moray terraces or the Maras salt flats. Both are also very popular destinations for tourists and visitors.

Spending two weeks in Peru can be one of the most magical life experiences. With reliable transportation from Peru Hop, even if you want to stay longer, you can do that with a number of their packages. So on your next two-week vacation, be sure to plan and book early to really enjoy a full two weeks in the paradise of Peru.

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