Travel While Staying At Home: Coronavirus In Peru

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the lives and routines of millions of people in Peru and around the world. Countries are taking social distancing measures by asking people to stay at home.

Due to the coronavirus, a state of emergency has been declared in Peru to flatten the infection curve and prevent a bigger outbreak. The borders have also been closed indefinitely, causing a few problems to travelers who were already in Peru.

Right now millions of people around the world are in their homes wondering what will happen in the days to come.

We know that in these circumstances, thinking about future trips isn’t a priority. But for more than five years moving millions of travelers through this incredible country, we know that the spirit of travel and the need for movement remains intact.

We ourselves, who created a flexible and secure system for traveling Latin America due to our passion for traveling, are reflected in that feeling. And that’s why we’ve prepared this blog on how to travel when you have to stay at home.

Stay Home. Travel With Your Heart!

If you’ve always dreamed of coming to Peru or had to temporarily put your trip on hold due to the coronavirus, you can start traveling the country through us with the hundreds of stories that we have told on our blog, such as:

There you will be able to know the most impressive landscapes of this country, as well as the remote sites that we also visit.


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Travel By Reading

Not only do we love to travel, but we love to tell you the best of each place that you can visit in Peru. We know that people like discovering places through words and pictures first and that is why we have created city guides with everything you must know about them.

So, while at home, you can visit the these following Peruvian cities:

And here’s a list of articles about other places to visit in Peru:

Connect With Our Culture

Us Peruvians are very proud of our ancient culture, from the Inca heritage to the challenges that we have overcome through the years. We have one of the most biodiverse countries in the world with many different regions such as the coast, the sierra (highlands) and the jungle.

This unique combination is manifested in our gastronomy, which is globally recognized as one of the best in the world. Discover the flavors of Peruvian food in this blog, the history of Pisco Sour or which are the best restaurants in Lima that you can try when you come.

Why not also learn about the Inti Raymi Festival that is held every year in Cusco or the religious traditions such as the Virgen de la Candelaria or El Señor de Los Milagros.

Prepare For Future Trips

Like we mentioned at the beginning, traveling isn’t anyones priority at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan for any of your dreamed future trips! Don’t let the current situation frustrate you. Start putting together the perfect itinerary (maybe more than 1), check activities and tours for each of the destinations, start your packing list with the essentials, learn the native tongue of the country, and so much more!

Take advantage of these moments and make the most of it. This way you’ll be ready to travel as soon as things go back to normal

Stay Positive

We had to leave the most important one for last. In a time like this, we all have to stay positive and play our roll. Stay at home, wash your hands regularly and practice social distancing. But also, reach out to friends and family, spend quality time with your loved ones at home, and make the most of every moment. Before we all know it, we’ll be back to traveling the world again!

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