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99 things to do in Peru apart from visiting Machu Picchu

Peru is a destination full of wonderful landscapes and ancient cultures that many people want to visit nowadays. Unfortunately, there are countless things to do in Peru that we can not visit in one single trip. For instance, we can go to the citadel of Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the world, or sale on the Titicaca lake, the highest lake in the world; possibilities are endless with no doubt.

Peru’s history and nature are known worldwide due to its great value. Ancient civilizations that habited these lands hundreds of years ago, beautiful landscapes such as the amazon river and the Andes, make the country a unique destination that anybody would like to miss.

If you are the kind of person who loves going on adventures, you can take any of the treks Peru has to offer. There are plenty of options each one with unique scenarios that will definitely blow your mind.

For instance, if you enjoy jungle nature the Jungle trek in Cusco will be the perfect option, not only that but to end your journey visiting Machu Picchu cital will be a great story to tell. Now, if you are looking to explore the Amazon forest, you can trek to the Gocta falls and you will be surrounded by a lot of flora and fauna. Moreover, if you would link to hike in the Andes, why not to take a trek to the lagoon 69 in Huaraz.

If you thought visiting Peru only involved going to Machu Picchu, eating ceviche, and visiting Lima, this list will change your mind. Even though there will be much more to explore, we wanted to list the 99 things to do in Peru including places to visit, dishes to taste, and traditional festivities; so that you do not run out of plans.



  1. Walk around the Plaza de Armas of Lima (Lima Walking Tour).
  2. Try ceviche, causa de atún, lomo saltado, and everything you ca eat of the peruvian cuisine in a gastronomic tour.
  3. Walk across the Puente de Los Suspiros in Barranco (and make a wish).
  4. Enjoy a night of Folklore in the traditional restaurant Brisas del Titicaca (Wednesdays – Saturdays).
  5. Spend a day in The Circuito Mágico del Agua.
  6. Get a pisco sour in the Bolívar Hotel.
  7. Visit the Huaca Pucllana and have lunch in its restaurant.
  8. Go to the Chinatown and eat chifa (try the “aeropuerto”).
  9. Buy souvenirs in the Indean Market of Miraflores.
  10. Do a bike tour over the city, with stop at theLove Park.
  11. Take a paragliding tour over the sea and surf in the Pacific Ocean.
  12. Visit the Larco Museum and the Museo Nacional de Arqueología, Antropología e Historia del Perú.


  1. Do a short trip to Caral, two hours away from Lima.
  2. Get out of the city and know the Reserve of Lomas de Lachay.
  3. Go to Rúpac, the Machu Picchu of Lima.
  4. See the Churup lagoon, Known as the “7 colors lagoon”.
  5. Visit the Palomino Islands in Callao to swim with the sea lions.
  6. Admire the Reserva Paisajística Nor Yauyos-Cochas.
  7. Do rafting in Lunahuaná.
  8. Get to know the Chancay Clastle.
Travel Tip: If you are spending a few days in the city, we recommend these Tours in Lima you won’t like to miss out.

vista aérea del desierto de huacachina - cosas por hacer en perú


  1. Spend the night at the oasis of Huacachina.
  2. Ride on buggies and do sand boarding in the desert.
  3. Visit the pisco vineyard and do a tour (included in Peru Hop passes).
  4. Walk around the Ica city with a local guide.
  5. Explore the Chincha slave tunnels on your way to Paracas(included in Peru Hop passes).


  1. Rent a ATV to drive around the desert.
  2. Do the Paracas National Reserve tour, (included in Peru Hop passes).
  3. Practice kayak, biking, paragliding, and kitesurfing.
  4. Visit the Julio C. Tello Museum to learn the history of the Paracas culture.
  5. Take a tour the the Ballestas Islands to observe Humboldt penguins.
  6. Know the Tambo Colorado Ruins, one of the most important Inca temples on the coast.
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vista aérea de una de las figuras de las líneas de nazca- cosas por hacer en perú


  1. Fly over the Nazca Lines.
  2. Go to the Nazca viewing tower and get to see 3 nazca figures (included in Peru Hop passes).
  3. Learn about Maria Reiche’s history (the German-Peruvian scientist who defends the Nazca Lines).
  4. Visit the Chauchilla Cemetery.


  1. Go on a trek to the Colca canyon, the second deepest canyon in the world and get the chance tosee condors in their natural habitat.
  2. Walk around the historical center of Arequipa.
  3. Visit the crystal viewingpoint of Yanahuara, to get to see the Misti volcano.
  4. Visit the Santa Catalina de Siena Monastery.
  5. Taste the local food in the “Picanterías” of Arequipa. We recommend the rocoto relleno, cuy chactado and the cheese ice cream.
  6. Go to see the Juanita mummy (a mummy of a girl preserved in ice, who was sacrificed as an offering to the Inca gods).
  7. Visit the Art museum of Arequipa.
  8. Obserbe the Cotahuasi valley and canyon.
  9. Explore the stone forest of Choqolaqa.


  1. Get a boat ride to the Titicaca Lake.
  2. Spend the night in the Amantaní island, Taquile island, or the Uros floating islands.
  3. Know Sillustani.


  1. Do the Inca Jungle Trek in Cusco.
  2. Celebrate an Inti Raymi in Cusco (June 24th).
  3. Take an ATV tour around the city.
  4. Buy some clothes made of peruvian alpaca wool.
  5. Explore the Sacred Valley.
  6. Visit Ollantaytambo.
  7. Do rafting in the Urubamba river.
  8. Go to theHumantay lagoon.
  9. Ride a horse inSacsayhuaman.
  10. Explore thePampachiri stone forest.
  11. Visit the Apurímac Canyon.
  12. Go on a tour to the archeological complex of Sondor.
  13. Take a boat ride on the Pacucha lagoon.
  14. know theRainbow Mountain.
  15. Hike the Quelccaya glacier.
  16. Visit Choquequirao.
  17. Know the mines of Maras and Moray.

monos en la selva - cosas por hacer en perú


  1. Taste asuri.
  2. Go to the Sandoval lagoon in Tambopata National Reserve.
  3. Visit the monkeys island in Iquitos.
  4. Visit the Ahuashiyacu Waterfall in Tarapoto.
  5. See the Polish petroglyphs.
  6. Visit the Blue and Sauce lagoon.
  7. Go to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve on a tour.
  8. Join an Ayahuasca ritual.
  9. know Moyobamba,the beautiful “Orchid city”.
  10. Reach the Morro de Calzada to observe birds.
  11. Go to the Manú National Park.
  12. Find the Ucayali y Marañón rivers where the Amazonas is born.


  1. Go on a ride on the Cable car of Kuélap and do a tour in the fortress.
  2. Know the Cavernas de Quiocta.
  3. See the Karajía Sarcophagus.
  4. Find the Revash mausoleum.
  5. Visit the Leymebamba museum.
  6. Trek in the jungle to get to see the Gocta falls.

laguna de azul cristalino con montañas - cosas por hacer en perú


  1. Go to theHuascaran National Park.
  2. Trek to the Lagoon 69 in Huaraz.
  3. Ascend to the Pastoruri Glacier.
  4. Visit the Llanganuco Lagoons.
  5. Get to know the Chavín de Huantar Ruins.
  6. Try the Jaca Cashqui soup.
  7. See the Wilcacocha Lagoon.


  1. Spend a relaxing day in Punta Sal (Tumbes) or Vichayito (Piura).
  2. Swim with sea turtles and see whales in Máncora.
  3. See the Caballitos de Totora in Huanchaco.
  4. Visit the ancient city of mud Chan Chan in Trujillo.
  5. Know the Huaca del sol, Huaca de la luna and the huaca del brujo in Trujillo while doing the Moche Route.
  6. Go to the Tumbas Reales de Sipán Museum in Lambayeque.
  7. See the Túcume pyramids.

If you still have the chance to know more destinations, take note of these places below

  1. Visit Ayacucho in Easter week.
  2. Go to the Pampa Historical Sanctuary of Ayacucho.
  3. Swim in Millpu’s natural pools, 4 hours away from Ayacucho.

Bonus 100: Go to Machu Picchu.

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As you can see, there are countless things to do when traveling to Peru. And there is only one way to get to know the most incredible destinations in this country. Dare to explore Peru in a different way. You can check this list, mark the things of your interests, and prepare to see more.

In Peru Hop, we work with a hop-on/ hop-off system, allowing you to take your time to enjoy each destination and get away from forced travel itineraries. Know how our service works here.

Visit Peru and start your journey in a safe, fun, and different way. Travel along with our Peruvian guides who know better than anyone the history of their country. Now the question is: how many times do you need to travel to Peru to enjoy all its wonders? The answer is simple: as many times as you want!